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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Hello John and ‘meow’ to Sambo too! Very sad – American sailors murdered twice! Once by the jews and then by their own traitor administration.
They will eventually have justice. Like you say – the truth comes out from good people via Youtube and other sites.
That long doc is great for us old biddies John ( who have time ) but Sinead’s condensed 2:30min factual version is ideal for the younger crowd.

RIP the 34 brave sailors killed 49yrs ago today! 08.06.16 Justice for USS LIBERTY!

7 years ago

Great show sir. The good thing about Brexit is: that it came about. Because, if the UK stays, despite the overwhelming amount of opposition, it will without a shadow of a doubt prove to the public that the government is bought and sold. On the other hand, if it succeeds, then it will demonstrate that the EU is the cancerous, pissblood, tumescent faeces scam it is, and that it is not just useless, but inimical. I pray for the latter. Despite the fact that England has opted out of every attempt to suck it into the EU, and still they come back with the same crap in a new package. The fact that Brexit came about FORCES a two path bifurcation which will expose it… Read more »

7 years ago

Good broadcast but why the references to the Allied undergrounds and slamming of National Socialism? Can’t you still be English and quit this other stuff? Just wondering. Remember that Britain declared war on Germany first.

Reply to  jed
7 years ago

Plenty voice on Renegade and Renegade Tribune for NS. I have only made one reference to equal rights for British Whites, WITHIN our overall White Cause, out of respect .

Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

Only brought up Undergrounds, as an example of what we must legally copy to legally fight the current globalists. Not meant as an insult. This issue always causes dissension within ” our ” ranks; therefore, I will most willingly do my utmost to not refer to WW2, in any way shape or form.

7 years ago

Very good information about home schooling. Great show

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