DJ Shaun Hosts a Music Show (7-18-16)


After rebooting the system on Renegade, as a treat, Shaun plays some music by artists such as Sinead McCarthy, Paul Topete, Battle Axe and even plays some of his own music on-air. Whilst it was into the wee hours of the night in the US he rocked on for a whole two hours!

Enjoy the tunes Ladies and Gents and think about sending in your own tunes. As silence is consent, so is it a shame when nobody will hear your music or see your art.

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5 years ago

Cool, too bad I didn’t stay up for this. Great songs Shaun and Nick. And of course Sineads voice is always gorgeous. Are we going to hear some Renegade collaborations? We have some really talented people here! I feel awkward and nervous about it, but this show reminds me how for a while I have wanted to record some of my poems as songs (I’ve been told I have a good voice and my poems are great), but I think I will ease into it by maybe doing some karaoke first…Then maybe start with acapella for my poems and see if anyone wants to collaborate. I hope I’m around if you do this live again Shaun, I LOVE music and I have lots of suggestions… Read more »

Reply to  Rose
5 years ago

Cheers Rose. But it wasn’t Nick, it was just me. I had to reboot the system, so as everything was starting back up I thought I might do a music show.

By all means, join me in the future. We can host some music and talk about a few things at the same time.

Stay cool, Rose.


Reply to  Shaun Surplus
5 years ago

I thought you said you played a song by Nick at one point (an Italian one?). Maybe I was too tired and not listening right lol.

Reply to  Rose
5 years ago

No, I played as song for Italian listeners such as Nick. It was Baila Morena performed by Zucchero.

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