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9 years ago

I think live call in’s can really do more damage than good when you have good / Great speakers .

9 years ago

Great show Don Advo. Always interesting to hear his take on issues.

9 years ago

More Don Advo !!

George Wells
9 years ago

Who was that idiot who so syrup like praised Don?

Once or twice, worthy. The rest a distraction. Ugly.

9 years ago

Yep, great show when Don was speaking most of the time but agree with the above comments about the caller from Canada – he became more & more ANNOYING as the show progressed! It ended up sounding more like a stilted infomercial campaign ad the more that guy repeatedly bleated out his ass-licking praise! And I hate to have to phrase it that way really but that’s what it came across as. If I could possibly make a small suggestion it would be for hosts to watch out for this kind of lengthy repetitive commentary from callers and try to nip it in the bud ASAP as it doesn’t make good radio from this end and can even end up making you wonder if it’s… Read more »

9 years ago

Still listening to the show and this is my official vote for a Don Advo show. I have signed up , so my phone auto loads all you pod cast and I listen to most all of them , on my own schedule. I hope to catch one live soon , keep up the great work brothers.

9 years ago

Don Advo isn’t a very good reader. Painful to listen to this guy.

And he’s from Stormfront? Come on…

The idea of succession is really brilliant. Tell me, what happened the last time a group of states succeeded? They just succeeded – right?

Really great thinking there Don. LOL

9 years ago

I totally apologize if some were upset with my promotion of Don Advo. I get carried away with his thorough professionalism, after so many past years of simpletons. Finally a PUBLIC eloquent speaker for White People, including Kyle and others. I simply wanted to shove at the audience the fortune, that we have Don on our side, rather then just political discourse. Agreed I over did it. So what.

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