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9 years ago

blogtalkradio is down.

Schwarze Schwanza
Reply to  Mike
9 years ago

Good riddance

Charlie Ebisu
9 years ago

The Jew-wise are a divided joke, just like the rest of divided goyimdom. Perhaps Rebel is in fact like that ostensibly queer-hating guy in American Beauty – the biggest pufta around. We all know the Jews have dominated the World Revolution since at least the middle of the 19th century, but we Jew-wise are so divided that we remain nothing more than a drunken fingernail of joke for the kosher-certified rulers of this world. I’ve been re-reading Savitri Devi’s unabridged The Lightning and the Sun and her take on things is the only thing that makes sense of this insane world. This is a Dark Age and as such we are going down. Hitler tried and failed because he was a man working against time.… Read more »

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