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10 years ago

Bravo Brother! ********
I’m beside you all the way to the grave…
Thank You Sir.! Reck

Shane Prince
10 years ago

Goddamn, I just thought you was on Xmas holiday at Torachle! This is a fellow Georgian here who inquired about Plantation Vodka and I will say when Lee stopped, I found out you and Kyle were booted I gave zero use for Oracle. I’m really suprised Charles and Alex haven’t been sold out as well! I knew shit was starting to change around there and I was a fairly avid listener. I am all about supplementing some of my other freedom radio channels with Renegade! I like the free for all uncensored format thus far! Lets fucking do this damn thing brothers!

10 years ago

Excellent Mike

Herold Vetter
9 years ago

Hallo Mike, accidentally I found your broadcasts. I hope your visions become real. Those are my visions also. Impressed I was because of your statement that William Pierce was a zionist agent. Well… if he was, than he was satanically good in being this. I at least learned a lot by his broadcasts and often he answerd my questions which I often posed to myself. I now understand the realities in whole Europe as clearly as never before. I have a daughter now. I am divorced and life at the time in Poland – near German border. I like slavic women. Have the impression that German men have the very privilege to life side by side with slavic people… smile. Ernest matter: The world in… Read more »

Herold Vetter
9 years ago

What I think about William Pierce.

I do not think that he was a Jewish agent. He called the enemy bey the name. If his information would spread to every white man – in America and Europe – the Jews were all dead tomorrow. Imagine what would happen if his information would spread exponential!!!

He was profund, radical and if I were a Jew I would not wish that such a man makes broadcasts and explaining others what is goig on.

Only one thing is/ was good for the Jews: His broadcasts did not arrive the masses. But this was no shortcoming of William Pierce.

I think: He was an creditable anti Jewish warrior. My inner feeling.


Herold Vetter
9 years ago

My comments have of course nothing to do with your clip. delete them please when you have read them.

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