Down And Out Radio w/ Mike Sledge 12-27-12

Tonight’s broadcast is called “Chicago: The Beginning of the End”. The Talmudic Cycle of Power. From the 68 Convention to the Chicago school of Neo-Con power, to Obama and Cass Sunstein’s Bolshevik takeover of America!! From the War of the Roses to the Rose Law Firm. Oprah, Hillary, Cass, Barack, Rumsfeld, and beyond!!!

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Marty Moore
11 years ago

I remember Hoffman and I remember the Texas WASP Lyndon Johnson, and I also remember who sent me to Vietnam…………Hoffman saved alot of men from dying in vietnam, Hoffman ended the war…………

11 years ago

Despite our minor differences, I salute you on a excellent insightful synopsis of that episode (important turning point) in the 60’s.
To Marty Moore Lyndon Johnson was not a “Wasp” (another one of those 60’s invented acronyms) he was a product of the Galveston jews.

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