Down And Out Radio w/ Mike Sledge 2-7-13

On tonight’s broadcast, on the one and only Renegade Broadcasting, I will be covering the history of Communism in South Africa to gain control of the diamond trade for the consolidation of resources, and ultimately for white genocide. If you want to see the dangers of “Multiculturalism”, then South Africa is their model.

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White Rabbit
11 years ago

Hey Mike, I missed the live show, and am listening to the archive now. I’m REALLY GLAD to hear you say those magic words: WHITE GENOCIDE. This meme has to be a constant thread running through the pro-white talk and writing. Yeah, “White Supremacist”, and “racist” are just anti-White memes. The anti-Whites are promoting an ongoing program of WHITE GENOCIDE! Thanks for saying that term.

They say they are “anti-racist”, but what they really are is anti-White.

So-called “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White

11 years ago

I so wanted to hear your coverage of what is taking place in South Africa due to the fact that it is a precursor to what is beginning to happen here in the U.S. However, once again the program was completely garbled with only very few words being distinguishable. I turned off the program in frustration. This is no criticism of you or your message, but it is in Renegades best interest to find the technical problems interrupting your shows.

Reply to  HuckleBuck
11 years ago

Have you tried the version archived in this article? The original recording of BTR is terrible, but the stream was recorded live and is fairly good quality.

11 years ago

This guy might be a good future interview:
Horus the Avenger, his program – Follow the White Rabbit.
This is the Mantra:
and his website:

11 years ago

Yeah, Horus is great. I bet he would come on and talk about getting on a consistent message. Its working. Rush Limbaugh now says America is anti-white. We need to keep pushing a consistent message, they are committing genocide on our race.

10 years ago

[…] the situation in South Africa and the frightening cruelty of the Mandelas, I recommend listening to Mike Sledge’s show from February 7, 2013, which gets into the facts and figures regarding the genocide of whites. Unless we do something, […]

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