European Imperium: Ty and Chris Host (11-30-15)

Trafalgar Square  1962 pic 1

The blokes from Britain gather to discuss the topics of the day as well how our movement’s currently doing. We’ll also talk about historical events from a white racialist viewpoint.

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4 years ago

Good show, lads. Please do more!

Serb Radical
4 years ago

Russia will always have an ally in Serbia! Yes, we are a small nation, but we are ready to help Russia at any time! As soon as we overthrow CIA imposed current government, we will officially unite with Russia! Cheers!

4 years ago

Good to hear you two together!

This is the first time I’ve heard Chris. Tyrone and I have five YouTube videos together on the Brian Ruhe channel on YouTube at:

I would like to invite you Chris, to join me on video as well, on
The Brian Ruhe Show!

Victory or Valhalla,
Brian Ruhe

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