Fight The Matriarchy: Alex & Sinead (10-20-14)


Tonight Sinead has on Alex Robinson. Alex is the creator of  ‘too long in this place‘ – a blog she began in 2008 to explore the inconsistencies & incongruities that most people are too afraid to look at.  She has taken part in numerous radio shows & podcasts exploring these subjects, but her focus always returns to finding ways to ‘live well’ in a world focused on death.  Alex and Sinead have broadcasted together before on Renegade discussing a wide array of subjects.  They plan to discuss the idea that mutated female overlords may have constructed & (still) rule this world. The intricate understanding of how the female psyche works & can be manipulated could never have been crafted by men.

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7 years ago

Excellent discussion, ladies.

Nick Dean
7 years ago

I will listen with interest. Alex Robinson always inspires me to try and look at things afresh without preconceptions – her special talent – and it’s often beneficial.

Gottfried Feder
7 years ago

The Holocaust never happened. If you don’t understand this, please don’t teach us lessons.

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