Fired Up: A History of Jewish Magicians (2-5-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the history of jews and performance magic, the child rape scandals surrounding major jewish magicians and more!
Closing song: ‘Blue Eyes’ by Lucy Kitchen

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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

They take that stage sleight-of-hand into every part of our lives. Magickally producing paper money out of thin air; injecting mercury and formaldehyde to protect our most vulnerable; and hypnotizing White nations into voting for their red or blue puppets. Unless we, the audience, become savvy to these deadly tricks, they will continue to the final act. Very interesting info – thanks Sinead.

3 years ago

Great show Sinead.

Tabitha Wolfram
3 years ago

Interesting show Sinead thanks for putting this info together. The jews are without a doubt black magicians. I have thought for a long time that the hasidic jews are the blackest of magicians. I believe this ties into a type of tantra called black tantra which is a peversion of sacred energy and ultimately a magical form of mind control. I’ll be delving more into tantra on my next show.

Reply to  Tabitha Wolfram
3 years ago

‘kapparot’ is the perfect example of black magic in action. These demons who appear human dressed in black swing a live chicken maniacally above their heads before decapitating it in order to ”transfer the sins of the sinner onto the sacrificial animal”.
They do this in the middle of a city, leaving blood and chicken remnant everywhere for their ”goyim” to clean up after them.

If this is the kind of shit they do in public, the leap to child sacrifice is really not that great. They have no compassion, empathy, care or concern for any but their own.
The sickest of the sick, vilest of the vile.

We need the Aryan Authorities marching in with the ”No you can’t” mantra’s and hand cuffs stat.

Reply to  Amber
3 years ago

Yes, that is a good example. Also, after the jews murdered the Tsar family, a postcard was passed out in jewish communities depicting a rabbi sacrificing the Tsar. It does not get more obvious than that.

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