Fired Up: Alternative Building Methods (10-8-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about some alternative housing styles that are friendlier to the environment and can be self sustaining. She covers Earthships, Cob homes, SIPs, sand bag homes, their advantages, disadvantages and how our children should have the skills to build their own homes. Closing song: ‘Growing Older’ by Princess Chelsea

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Until we remove the jews and their freemasonic local lackies, nothing will change. Their stack ‘n pack slave-city planning agenda is only going to intensify. A (possible) future jewish slave race will live and die exactly like processed chickens do now.

I still think a “tiny home” (step away from the pumpkin masher), on a quarter acre plot, within an all-White trading community, is far better for a small family, than two damp rooms in some inner-city ghetto, under a jew slum-lord. Having never lived in a detached property, a tiny home would be a mansion to me.

PS A good show and some amazing ideas, Sinead. Only by removing the jewish supremacists first, will our magical dreams become real.

2 years ago

In a similar vein .. check out what people are doing proving that high quality food can be produced in abundance on large scale while improving resourses, soil fertility, water, etc.

2 years ago

This has to be one of my favorite homes..
Underground Dome Home of the family who led geese to fly home

Reply to  Amber
2 years ago

I love it! It feels so cozy in there.

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