Fired Up: Alternative Music from Abrahamics (10-23-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the jewish origins of Punk Rock, SKA, and Reggae. She gets into the Russian jew who owns CBGB’s, Rastafarianism and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

As with most things, the jewish supremacists have used music to divide or blend our race. Punk rock was supposedly an “organic” reaction to hedonistic disco, and the inequalities in class and wealth. The jewish choice: a shimmy with a homo, or spat-on by a smelly psycho clown. Er… pass on both, thanks. Just before i left school in the late seventies, the UK had the big Mod/Ska revival, which was linked to football gangs, skinheads and far right groups. In the end bands like: The specials, The beat, The Jam, Bad Manners, Madness, and The Selecter were designed to (((multicult))) White youth into liking everyone elses culture and music except their own. I’m afraid it has worked. PS Thanks for the show, Sinead. We… Read more »


Jamaica was a Jewish homeland state given to Jews by Britain in 1655, and Jewish pirates raided merchant ships in the Caribbean. The Rastafarians oddly fail to mention that the Jamaican Jewish root runs centuries deep. Irish women who were sold as slaves were often sold to Jamaican Jews, who gave them to the black slaves to rape. Irish women were sold for less than black men, so the Jews made a fat profit from the resulting children who fetched higher prices than their mothers. With such a disgusting history, of course they want to hide it under clouds of happy marijuana colourful beach music. Sencha Macrae and others made videos about the real pirates of the Caribbean , the Jewish state of Jamaica and… Read more »


Thanks for the info @ Selma.


Another excellent topic, research, Sinead ! I should have known, if it’s low-to-no talent, filthy, trashy “entertainment” – who else could it be but those with endless supplies of money used as the only way to perpetually mass promote garbage as art. Keep up the great work of exposing the greatest frauds perpetrators of all times. Thank you Renegade!


Your comment reminds me of Mike Sludge and Pawn Slurpuss. MS’s recent stint on Slurpuss’s WTF radio indeed wreeked of what your referring too.. ”low-to-no talent, filthy, trashy “entertainment”, which is really only entertaining to degenerates. I guess at one point these two losers did something constructive for the white race (although I have no idea what that is or might have been), but I’d say that both now are exhibiting that ‘Batman’esq’ – ”watch the world burn” tendency they accuse Sinead of. Along with the homo-erotic ass kissing between the two, I am also getting that ‘Redemption through Sin’, Sabbatai Zevi vibe.. It is very telling when two supposed men with failed relationships, urge a happily married, productive Man to leave his wife. When… Read more »


You didn’t miss much, Amber.

They were all set to expose Kyle and Sinead, but the “drunk giggles” got the best of them. The main gist of the show was that Kyle USED to be cool, Sinead is a total spy, alcoholism/drug addiction is manly and should be celebrated, bar food is super healthy and Tabitha approved. And more drunk giggles.

Also, Kyle worked as a recruiter for Google, but he isn’t a master programmer. This confused them.


If those two are just useful idiots, and are actually white, it really looks like they are being played pretty hard. Sean claims he is getting ”so many emails” that support his kvetching over RenGrenade. How con-venient. He is only fooling himself. The only comments you see at WTF radio are the very few that support the degeneracy, but overall, it’s not a whole lot. It’s pretty clear to me that none are sincere, and all are just playing into Shawny’s downward spiral. Obviously they have not kept up with israeli tech and seem to have no clue or concern about bots, trolls, or infiltrators. Sean completely trusts Tabitha because she tells him what he wants to hear, and he con-veniently ”never looks at renegade”… Read more »


You guys have both said it all above. This show was scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. I used to think Sledge at least had a degree of comedic talent BITD despite the fact he’s probably always been a complete degenerate. However, Slurpuss really went below & beyond on this show to further display his complete lack of said talent. The desperate clawing for straws of comedy that weren’t even there should’ve showed even his diehard fanboys just how immature this manchild is. His bumbling attempts at extremely childish gutter humor in response to Sledge’s quips were so cringey & embarrassing that it was way harder than normal to listen to. I’ll bet anything even Sledge was cringing inside at some point during the… Read more »


Surplus literally sounded like he wanted to suck the ghost of mike sledge’s dick the entire time.

Both sounded like low functioning alcoholics.


We should place bets on who’s going to get cirrhosis of the liver first. My money’s on Shauny boy.


Sounds like sledge is going to be the father of Sean’s next kid.


I’d have to agree with your assessment Mary, especially since I’m no longer a ”coincidence theorist”. Didn’t Shaun at one point talk about child molestation in his family? Was he a victim? It is all too weird how he constantly brings up ”The Captain”, and his relationship with this background figure whom he, I’m assuming based on the insinuations, works for. In the few shows I’ve been able to listen to, it sounds like this ”Captain” figure dictates Shauny’s life, or at least Shauny revolves around him. It’s all so weird, and the thought that Shaun was a vicitm of child abuse really just jumps out at me. It’s very strange because on one hand, I want to feel sorry for him (because I assume… Read more »


Oh yes, I forgot to add having a father who was a pedo who raped his brother & sister but “maybe” didn’t touch Shaun “for some reason”. There’s definitely a reason ALL of this stuff has been put out there to create the character of “Shaun Surplus”. And now that his “real” surname has been circulated a bit more recently surely that’s just another denigration of the white Irish male. Yep everything adds up – “Shaun Surplus” is just another “fellow white” – it’s as obvious as that huge appendage in the middle of his face!


Whoa. I never even picked up on this whole captain thing. Do you know in which shows he mentioned it? Very interesting.


I have only listened to his recent shows with Tabitha, and maybe one or two of the few he did alone in between her accepting the ”’second in command” position on TCTA.
It’s all so weird.. He doesn’t say anything directly about him (from what I have heard), but the picture he vaguely paints is that ”The Captain” is an older man who also likes to drink, that Shaun seems to take care of.
He sure makes it sound like they spend a lot of time together..
Maybe it’s just some kind of admirable guy taking care of some cripple old man (even though the Captain’s wife is alive and in the background), but I definitely get the creepy vibes from it all ….

Léon Degrelle

Now imagine the kind of response whenever a highly competent man, instead of an incompetent male like Sledge or Surplus, says the same about a below average woman with a low quality of character? Personally I think the response is a lot more pronounced in the media and among Social Justice Loonies than any other type of individual.


What does that even mean?


(((Their))) line = “We had to change our names so all the hateful EVIL bigoted supremacist white people wouldn’t know we’re jews and we’d be able too eek out a living within their hateful EVIL bigoted supremacist white society!”

yeah, right

It’s so the fact that this tiny minority won’t be recognized for the fact that (((they))) represent at least 90 percent of all the degenerate pop culture (((they))) saturate us with.

All “black music” — largely purchased by whites — whether it’s ragtime, jazz, blues, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, reggae, afro pop, ska, rap, funk… wouldn’t exist without jews.

Ronald Busuttil

I’m writing this while I’m listening so excuse me if I might say something Sinead said. I was a Reggae fan for more than 15 years and got very deep in the ‘genre’ and not just musically as I was immersed in the ‘lore’ too.The Reggae (called Roots Reggae within the genre) during the late 60s all thru the 70’s and mid 80’s was all about ‘Socialism, Rastas & Africa as Homeland’ . As this was some time ago, what I’m gonna write may be not all correct as I don’t have the books anymore. As some of you may know in israel they have a problem with Ethiopian Jews better known as ‘Falashas’ who (if i remember right, # like I said it’s been… Read more »

Ronald Busuttil

the ‘true’ Israelites. Rastas follow the Torah too.Now that I’m writing this I regret that I threw away the books (even though many may have been shit & outright lies) but I’m sure would have gone back to them before continuing writing as I’m at loss now. Some points regarding the subject at that come easy to mind are these. Bob Marley, surely the face of reggae have a very interesting story too. His so called father had Jewish ties for sure (can’t find anything concrete doing a quick google search (surprise) just now). He supposedly had a brief relationship with a ‘rural’ black woman. What’s sure is that Bob Marley was ‘put’ into international stardom for many reasons. He had that ‘mystical’ vibe about… Read more »


Jewish rapper ‘NECRO’ is singing about kidnapping, torturing and trafficking white women. Apparently this does not violate Jew tubes policy. ‘WHITE SLAVERY’:


Here’s a “classic” from BITD. Check out the t-shirt – Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Israel” (1980) Little orphans in the snow With nowhere to call a home Start their singing Waiting through the summertime To thaw your hearts in wintertime That’s why they’re singing Waiting for a sign to turn blood into wine The sweet taste in your mouth — turned bitter in its glass Israel… in Israel Israel… in Israel Shattered fragments of the past Meet in veins on the stained glass Like the lifeline in your palm Red and green reflects the scene Of a long forgotten dream There were princes and there were kings Now hidden in disguise — cheap wrappings of lies Keep your heart alive with a song… Read more »

John from NC

What do those lyrics mean?


I personally think there’s a lot more meaning in there than Siouxsie would lead you to believe herself. She’s quoted from the 28 February, 1981 edition of Sounds magazine (she was on the cover) as saying this about the song – “No it’s not about religion as such, it’s more general. A disillusioned person, or whole race who’ve ceased to understand or believe in what they held to be the truth. It tries to put across, you shouldn’t cover what you feel inside by teaching or attitudes imposed on you. It emphasises the strength of the individual.” She also alluded to it being a Christmas song (snow, red & green, Noel) but we know red & green are the 2 prominent colors of the Palestinian… Read more »


Should’ve mentioned the swapped over left & right hands in that photo too. Pretty important symbolism 😉

John from NC

Didn’t she wear that star of david t-shirt as a sort of apology for the lyrics of another song where she sings “too many jews for my liking”


i don’t know, but “spellbound” is one of the greatest songs ever made.


Something else I forgot to mention earlier was that red & green are the 2 colors for communism (otherwise known as jewish global rule). Most people think that only red is the commie color but green is just as important & also signifies the next phase; the one we are in right now which has switched from national to global. Think Green Parties in all western nations & how they have risen to power & formed coalition governments in countries such as Germany & New Zealand. The whole climate change extinction/death cult is also very much a green movement.

I lived the “punk rock lifestyle” for many years, fronted several punk bands over the years and now looking back I can see how punk music was one of many 5th column movements used to further the demoralization and promote marxist agenda within the U.S. I have always had my suspicions that there must have been some major Jewish influence behind it, Thank you for clarifying that for me. I’m sure all of the radical anarchist, feminist, marxist, lbgt movements within all the punk rock literature written in the 70s and 80’s was all Jewish publishers and writers.