Fired Up: Billie Eilish and Suicide “Music” (5-8-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the latest MK Ultra pop star ‘Billie Eilish’, Tumblrcore, suicide programming in “music” and more!

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Anthony Roberts

They’ve used the same sick method for decades. 11yr old Kate Bush was writing songs about: incest (kick Inside), disguised paedo refs (Man with the chilld in his eyes), and later, Reich’s orgonon (Cloudbusting). Her poet brother’s mate just happened to know Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), yeah right. Same with poor “unknown” busker, Ed Sheeran (now worth £160M $208M) , complete with paedo bear tat, and Daddy has connections with the jew-N! They just ratchet-up the “filth formula” over time. Now it’s trans and suicide. PS Sinead provided half of those lyrics, did all the voices, is putting together a vid, recording an advert, cooking, cleaning, home schooling, trying to run a business (when you can’t get paid), oh, and save our race. Just another… Read more »

Thank you for that Anthony! <3


Also worth mentioning would be, that she can head lock a half the guys she bumps into on the street. Great job on the song,btw.


I agree, when I first saw this kid.. its a boy. Also amazing job on the song at the end. Do want to get a copy. It was very depressing to see the original and turning it around like y’all did is awesome.

Billie recently told Ellen about how she has tourettes, which when you watch a compilation of her ”tics”, it looks like someone who has undergone electroshock. She has these involuntary spasms that just scream to me, abuse victim. Ellen goes on to praise her and normalize it, and Billie is proud because ”so many of her fans have it too” ! Great! Against my better judgement I watched her ”bad guy” video. Absolutely horrifying. All the child rape imagery, references, the lyrics. None of it is even remotely funny, especially knowing that this is the shit that really goes on, they are just characterizing it. It’s the ‘reveal’ but it’s just for sheckles, and ”you can’t believe everything you see on tv”, right? Somehow… Read more »


Reminds me of the ’emo’ scene about a decade ago more or less, which I was a fan of in my late teens to early 20’s unfortunately, before I knew anything about the JQ. And I’ve not only heard of everyone you mentioned in the beginning (and Billie Eilish just from a viral post on FB) but A Day to Remember was actually my favorite band at one point. They’re more of a punk band and much milder and with more positive lyrics than a lot of the so-called ‘alternative’ music which of course is often actually mainstream pretending to be alternative/different (just like certain ‘alternative’ news media.) After checking out Billie Eilish I now see how it is likely a boy, especially when the… Read more »


Thanks for the interesting show, I am just old enough to be “out of the loop,” so it’s good to be informed on what batch of new degenerates they’re foisting on impressionable youth.

Your latest parody was hilarious, and enough to make up for the annoying original tune (especially “I am a Zebra” arghh) that became stuck in my head upon hearing it on your earlier show. Glad to hear the “Cimbri” got a mention! Haha.


Apparently Billie is worth $6 million dollars lol
And according to Wikipedia:
In March 2019 Eilish said she had never “done drugs” or “smoked anything” because she wasn’t interested.


Grohl is married to a Jewess right? Figures he would promote Billy and see similarities in his old band and this new wave of suicidal degeneracy.

King Louie

Do you still have an amazon account? If you do, create a wishlist and make it public.

Good show btw.


They’ve done the same thing with pro sports. It used to be more just watching to be entertained, it was always Jewish controlled but ever since the 80’s and especially the 90’s and onward they’ve pushed this ‘you’re apart of the team’ mentality. Now you have retards showing up to sports games wearing jerseys saying things like ‘we won’.

Montreal is rapidly turning into Haiti/Iraq but who gives a shit as long as the habs make the playoffs. Copy paste for every NHL/NFL/NBA city in Canada/Usa or even in the Uk(and elsewhere in Europe) with the premier league. Who cares if the #1 baby boy name in London is Mohammad Chelsea just won the prem!.

Norvin Hobbs

Have you looked into Mark brahmin, He’s a fucking nutjob that says the jews invented Odin and he’s being promoted on Red Ice and TRS.


Jews for Hitler, Alfred Schaefer’s buddy, said the same thing about the Jews creating Odin. It’s something the CI-tards say too.


Dennis Wise, creator of TGSNT the documentary is a big friend of Jews for Hitler too. Refer back to the Brexit Party live streams if they are still publicly available for proof of this. Dennis Wise clearly doesn’t have his priorities straight. We honor Hitler and National Socialism, but we see the mistakes it made too and don’t want to make them again. Moving forward, why work with Jews? Yes, not all Jews are bad. Not all Jews are in on it. But are Jews the ones controlling the gov, their Jewish world empire, yes. So Dennis sounds like he has a heart in the right place, but a brain that isn’t functioning properly.


He’s christarded.

Exhibit A. No pun intended Wise had done ‘great work’ and I believe he’s sincere. That being said he sees Putin in an orthodox church and goes mental for him as if that’s the only thing that matters.

Christarded. I’m not familiar with Jews for Hitler so I can’t comment on their message specifically.


If your bank account has a Bill Pay feature you can set up Kyle or Sinead as a payee w/PO box address and set a monthly amount. Your bank will automatically send them a check every month. Most banks and credit unions offer this free to account holders.


Sinead beware of saboteurs placing large orders with a check that will bounce after you’ve sent out the products. You may want to set a maximum amount that you will send before the check clears. So sorry these bastards are treating you so unfairly!


Thank you! We are back up and running and can process credit cards again.


If you read the book of Exodus in the Bible the jews were murdering the first borns of egypt. So its not surprising they have been using the media to try to destroy gentile peoples children.


First born Son’s. It wasn’t the Jews it was “Yahweh”, so it’s cool!!!

Good Dictator

Great show and awesome parody! I love it! Can I download the audio and the video?

I still need to finish the end of the parody but when it’s totally done, I will release a video and mp3 for download.

Good Dictator

Great! Thanks a lot! Your parodies are what introduced me to Renegade originally back in 2015, I instantly fell in love with you guys <3
I think they are extremely powerful. Irony and truth is a powerful combination and the most effective way to convey ideas and truths.

Good Dictator

Oh, I just came across this intervew and if you go directly at minute 18:00 and listen to what she says at minute 18:15… quite interesting… 😉

Good Dictator

… and the weird laughter she/he/it makes right after saying it! And looking at someone out of view as to say: “Oops! Did I just say something I wasn’t supposed to say?!”

Foster XL

They all know it – check out what Rainn Wilson says at the beginning of this video when he goes to visit Billie. So in your face.. Do I think they’re mocking all the “conspiracy theorists” out there who “believe” all the tranny conspiracy theories? Probably not so much in this case…

Good Dictator

“It’s apparently a yong man named Billie…” Nice one Foster XL!


Had to add this timestamp link a friend shared of Lil whateva’s earth song backwards ..saying evil lives. I never was able to find the original version this was made from but thought I would share for anyone interested

In between the fall of last year and the end of winter, all of our bees left. Same with a beekeeper friend, 17 of his 19 hives just disappeared, and so many others in my area. The bees left all of their honey, they just vanished without a trace. I heard from a woman mead maker, that a few hours north of me a commercial bee keeper lost 7000 hives. I didn’t put two and two together until the guy in this video pointed out the ridiculous amount of pollen that has been dropping for the last two years, was because of the drastically low bee population not being there to take it into their hives! I live in a rural area, about an hour… Read more »


It took about 300 of my sunflower seeds to get only about 40 this year mostly the teacups came up only one giant. I raised them myself from old farm seeds not store bought and normally they jump right up. Mom wondered if when the bees are the reason that lots of seeds are not taking since last season. They are also a month and a half short of what they should be by now because of the limited days of full sun. I am not sure if they will ever get to bloom. Even trees that should’ve bloomed here two months ago are not bloomed yet. Means less food for the bees that are left :O( …I hope nature plans ahead for these things.


In regards to child abuse I came across this incredible creepy story about a 9-year old Belgian girl who are being sexualized on Instagram along with creepy satanic images. The account has over 30 000 followers and has been active for years. It’s absolutely unbelievable how this can be legal and accepted by Instagram. Sorry if I darken someones day by bringing this up, but I think it’s better to shine a light on these cockroaches who does this to innocent kids. They deserve no peace.


I’d like to point out that Billie Eilish appropriately sums to 666 in english sumerian gematria.