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2 years ago

My mother had a tumor right where her underwire bra rubbed her. She told me years ago that she believed the bra was the reason for her cancer. This is the only time I’ve ever heard this until you talked about this on the air.

Thanks for your work!

2 years ago

Good non-wired bra’s or ‘bralette’s’ are hard to find (or at least for me they are). I found this Australian brand at a discount store a few years ago and have been wearing them ever since. They are made mostly of Bamboo, are really soft, and actually feel good to wear. I haven’t looked into how good or bad the growing practices of bamboo are. I thought I remembered this company being labeled organic, although I don’t see that being marketed in their advertising now. They used to only come in two colors, black and white, then a nude came out. Thankfully now they offer two shades of brown! I am extremely sensitive to constriction around my mid-section, especially since I stopped wearing regular… Read more »

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