Fired Up: Cat Boys Are the Last Stand of Implicit White Identity (1-7-20)

Sinead talks about the Nick Fuentes drama, all the homos in the right wing, and their vicious hatred of women.

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IIRC Greg Johnson used to post on VNN under the name “Cat Woman” and E. Michael Jones tells that many lies about race it’s a wonder he ever leaves the confessional.


E Michael Jones is disgusting. This guy is all about the church, doesn’t care what the church does and all he cares about is if people are Catholic.


Redheads are jews ???? OMG !!! Redheads were OG Aryans /as well as blond and brunettes btw ) According Kurts (1984, p.90), people of the Yamna culture consisted of three distinct phenotypes corresponding to the relatively recent blend between three populations. The dominant type was tall, dolichocephalic, with broad faces of medium height. The second type was more robust with high and wide Proto-Europoid faces. The third type was more gracile, with narrow and high faces of the East Mediterranean type. The average height for Yamnayan men was 175.5cm (5 ft 9 in), approximately the same as the modern average for American and French men, and slightly taller than the average Mesolithic EHG men, who stood at 173.2 cm. Yamnayan DNA tested by Haak (2015),… Read more »