Fired Up: Chris the Crisis Actor Watts (3-19-19)

Tonight Sinead goes over inconsistencies and red flags in the Chris Watts murder case. Is this actually real life?

Closing song: Qtier – Set me on (David August Remix)

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Anthony Roberts

Why did this family “murder” make the headlines day after day? We know multiple horrible killings take place all over the world. That was the first red flag for me. Then also the ridiculously gruesome way he supposedly treated his daughters – total bs. I then watched the start of the doc on YT ( reelman – chris Watts FULL MOVIE ) and that did it for me. What crime is filmed like a cheesey “made for tv” movie? I don’t want to give the parasites more revenue, but just watch the first 12mins 6secs; right up to the point where the neighbour says “he’s not acting right at all” lol. You are spot on Sinead. They want to demonize White men, destroy trust between… Read more »

I think these are the same film makers of the “Abducted in Plain Sight” series which is over the top FAKE. I couldn’t help laugh out loud and cringe with disgust over the obviously fake plot line and the terrible acting.


I had not heard of this case until this show, and it sounds totally fake. Has anyone else noticed the odd shape of Chris Watts’ skull?


Just jewgle image searching Chris Watts, aside from the orange jumpsuit pictures, it looks like they’ve put every picture from either his or his wife’s fakebook page online.
This case is totally fake.
It seems to be all about the demonization of the white heterosexual Man.
Remember and repeat : Indians are ”so in touch with the earth”, Africans would have built Wakanada if they hadn’t been enslaved by horrible (((white))) men, and the Asians are good with money.
Our brilliant white hero has gone from the invalid drooling cripple Stephan Hawking to the South African retard who put a car in space (lol) Elon Musk.


Have you ever considered the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s eve as being a mossad operation? This thought popped into my head the other day as I was talking to a German woman, where I noticed that this event at the Cologne cathedral set the basis and tone for a lot of what followed (regarding the debate on mass immigration in Germany). Someone (Anthony?) posted an Albert Pike quote regarding the NZ shooting hoax – illustrating that ((they))’re trying to pit Moslems and Christians against each other, and I find it would fit in perfectly with that agenda…where Cologne is basically a reverse of the Christchurch event. I do think the Cologne event was real, but it could easily have been a… Read more »


ya know, that would make so much sense.
jews excel at doing dirty deeds then blaming it on other people who look like them.
9/11 is the first example that comes to mind.

Kelley Brumfield

Please check out this YT channel:
This is run by a lady named Karen; she’s come across some CRAZY green screen, holographic technology and no picture or video information or locations attached to ANY of FB pics videos and other media found from Shannan and All names in the family in gematria are related or equal to sacrifice. Here’s link for gematria regarding this case…