Fired Up: Debunking Dietary Degenerates (9-24-19)

Tonight Sinead gets into how the blood type diet is not based in science whatsoever – goitrogens, nightshades and lectins oh my! Closing song: ‘Vision One’ by Röyksopp

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Haven’t listened yet, but I’m excited to hear the Chicken Fat “Schmaaaaltz” BallⓀ recipe of the week.


A few weeks ago I asked Tabitha for some information on how to help a small child with Rett syndrome. Instead of answering me there and then she asked me to email her. When I emailed her she suggested a few different herbs which seemed to check out and the keto diet. I asked if she was sure about keto. Then predictably she started on about how diet varies on gender blood type race age and zodiac.


Yes, I remember that. This is why I didn’t want her around. She was going to give people advice that goes against what we know to be the truth here. My cousins daughter has Rett syndrome and eats the “keto way”. She’s not getting any better. Her daughter is severely vaccines damaged.

James V

Is this #kosher?


Have you heard of the solution made of apple cider vinegar onion garlic hot peppers turmeric and horse raddish? I might be missing something. But do you think it might have an effect?


Ginger is another ingredient


Is this for when you’re sick?


Yes. Supposedly it can kill parasites and pull heavy metals from the body. I’m not sure but if memory serves it can also neutralize cancer tumors. I asked tabitha what she thought and she said the peppers might burn the intestinal tissues of a small child.


Hmmm. I’ll have to do more research but perhaps cilantro juice could be gentler. Also, CBD may help.


I told the grandfather about cbd for the epilepsy


A few months ago you mentioned your favorite vegan blog with recipes. I forgot to write it down…do you mind sharing?


Thanks Sinead!


Interesting show, thanks, must look into this further. Two things: i) was the source for your first bit up to about 8m also …? and ii) regarding Blood Type A being hypothesised by some as maybe older than Type O, the blood type distribution in the British Isles is interesting in so far as the main Type O distribution tends to increase towards the western areas/older populations and Types A and B are more pronounced in the eastern ‘newer arrivals’ parts.


I actually wasn’t aware of this systematic review but it seems they came to the same conclusion. There haven’t been any real experiments done to see if there’s anything to this, but people are claiming it’s backed by science.