Fired Up: Debunking Dietary Distortions (1-8-19)

Tonight Sinead debunks some of the most commonly believed myths surrounding a whole foods plant based diet. She discusses Vitamin A, beta carotene, B12, soy foods and more!

Opening track: ‘Long’ by Azare
Closing track: ‘We Came Upon This Land’ by Vennyson & Enzym Feat. Sinead McCarthy

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Anthony Roberts

All the fake food outlets in the UK are scrambling to get their “vegan” sludge out to the masses. Don’t fall for it. Stick to plant foods in their natural state, as Sinead states, and you can’t go wrong.

I fell for the Sally Fatton – Weston A. Price tripe, when i was vegetarian. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear they are secretly funding Fatney’s channel, along with all those raw meat die-t sites.

PS It’s great to have the mini “fired up” and “Blitz” shows – thank you!


Pretty informative. I’ll admit I was pretty repulsed about every non-fermented soy product ever since this “soy-boy” meme came into existence several years ago, but I guess your show helped me to dispel some of those doubts. I think this soy scare is also partly related to the push by Silicon Valley to sell their meal replacement food called “Soylent” these past few years, loaded with chemicals (such as soy protein isolate as you mentioned at some point in the show). It wasn’t a huge success apparently, due to bland taste and people suffering gastro-intestinal problems after ingestion. (Though some MtF trannies still swear by it, go figure.) Call me crazy, but I have this creeping sensation that we’re going to see the “synthetic foods… Read more »


I’m into my 8th year plant based/vegan, and I approve this message! 🙂
I have felt for a long time that the act of killing (or paying another to kill) and eating an animal is a blood sacrifice unto itself.
A ‘civilized’ civilization – which obviously we’re extremely far from by any sensible standard – would mediate and reduce animal exploitation as much as humanly possible. And if we can stave off disease and live healthier in the process, what’s stopping people?
Conditioning, habits, addiction…
Don’t be afraid to try something new and break the cycle. It’s easier than you think.
Thanks, Sinead – some great info here.

Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks Sinead good show with many important talking points. Another reason I think there is a push for carnivore diets and the consumption of fake processed tranny meats (like the Impossible Burger) is because these “foods” greatly alter the endocrine system. So either the zombified people who eat this garbage will induce homoism, transism or express characteristics of the opposite sex. These non foods are also being used by trannies to assist in their “transition” to living like the opposite sex. There are actually blogs giving people with gender dysphoria advice on how to alter their hormones with food. Very sick stuff. In regards to soy, the WAPF even has a pamphlet they send out called Soy Alert and their quarterly magazine features hazardous soy… Read more »

That’s super creepy. What fake meats are they saying will turn them into women? I’d love to see this lol

Tabitha Wolfram

Most of the information is geared towards men living as women (mtf) in attempts to feminize themselves. From what I know, it is processed soy like soy protein powder, tvp, and fake meats that will disrupt the endocrine system as these types of soy are denatured and isolated. Kind of like HFCS vs. corn. Soy protein isolate also messes up the thyroid. Hexane is used in processing which is a neurotoxin. Tofu, tempeh, natto, tamari and shoyu are traditional foods that are not devitalized via harsh processing. Soy milk is so so because most brands are highly processed and contain synthetic vitamins, preservatives and sugar. I buy Edensoy – the carob flavor is my favorite. My theory is that fake meats are so denatured and… Read more »


VERY on point! Look at the pics of males pre-sexual revolution of the sixties. Almost all of them had hair and if they didn’t, they were usually out of shape or old. Since pornography explosion of the late sixties/early seventies there has been steady increase of male baldness, which really went viral after the internet took place as your entertainer, when every sexual image is just a mouse click away and it’s FREE, FREE, FREE! Stress also contributes to this and living in over-populated areas. Masturbation creates similar symptoms to stress – heart palpitations, sweat, hormonal imbalance, etc. Also if you are not using your energy what Freud used to call “sublimation”, ie not transforming your sexual drives into something creative or productive, you are… Read more »


Thank you for the link. I read through it. Curiously I read that mosquitos only attack the weak. I’m a strong woman with a healthy immune system etc however I have O+ blood which makes me prone to be a mosquito’s favorite. I know this is going off topic however I’m wondering if anyone has any input about how to ward off mosquitoes with certain foods etc. I haven’t found a repellent to work. I’m moving to North Carolina and I’m afraid of being eaten alive out in nature which I absolutely adore being in. Thank you

Tabitha Wolfram

You’re welcome. My best advice for avoiding mosquito bites is to stay away from meat and sugar as they are attracted to the blood of people who consume those things. Also avoiding fragrance and certain essential oils. You can use essential oils like neem and citronella oil to detract mosquitoes. And wearing long sleeves and leggings can repel them too. They are from what I comprehend more attracted to certain blood types over others and O+ is a favorite. I believe Sinead sells a bug spray over at Heathen Herbs.


Has any of you meat worshipers realize how much industrial cattle farming pollutes nature? How much toxic manure cows produce? It’s not hay anymore what they eat, mostly is is GMO corn, adding there HGH injections, etc. Manure is not anymore used as natural fertilizer, that has been replaced with chemicals as well.
And most importantly – don’t EAT SO DAMN much, human beings are not hogs, we eat to live! Less is more.


Every time I think of or hear ”Germ theory” or the term, I get this furious feeling that it’s all bullshit and just another way to demonize the upright, clean and righteous German people by equating them with scary, unsanitary scum.
Can we call it the jew theory from hear on out?
Calling a spade a spade makes much more sense, and helps with anxiety and issues of confusion.

They even call those tiny cockroaches that are super hard to get rid of, “German cockroaches.” I wonder who could be behind that name? lol

Tabitha Wolfram

The mainstream germ theory is like the holohoax – the exact opposite of what you’ve been taught is true.

“Pasteur and Bechamp had a long and often bitter rivalry regarding who was right about the true cause of illness. Ultimately Pasteur’s ideas were accepted by society and Bechamp was pretty much forgotten. The practice of Western medicine is based on Pasteur’s germ phobia which gives rise to the use of vaccinations, antibiotics, and other anti-microbials.

The irony is that towards the end of his life, Pasteur renounced the germ theory and admitted that Bechamp was right all along. In the 1920’s medical historians also discovered that most of Pasteur’s theories were plagiarized from Bechamp’s early research work.”


Thanks so much for this show sinead, I’ve been telling people some of this stuff for so long and I learnt some things too. I really appreciate you and all your work. Thank you 🙂

Foster XL

Great show Sinead, thanks! Will definitely be sharing this with others who need to hear it!

Justin Nugent

It’s great that you folks are doing these mini shows now and I learned a few things about the B12 scare that I wasn’t aware of. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Auto-Immune Protocol in relation to plant based living. I have an auto-immune disorder and have seen vast improvement since going fully plant based but I also keep it within the confines of the AIP. Just interested in what your thoughts might be. Keep up the great work Sinead!

mike angelo

I really like these health topics by you and Kyle.
IMO consuming oil is not good though. Especially for the gut.
My grandfather used to joke that carrots are good for your eyes because you never see a rabbit wearing glasses ! ha ha. And for the numpties that go on about vegans not getting protein; it’s impossible for vegans not to get enough of it. It’s in all vegetables. For those who say they eat meat to get the nutrients they need. Well where do they think that mammals like elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes and the cows get theirs ? From eating plants !. So surely it’s better to get the nutrients straight from plant food.


Very interesting, especially about the b12, makes sense. Good show.