Fired Up: Deep Diving Beneath The Surface (10-29-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about her theories on how NASA convinces us they are exploring space but they are really exploring the depths of our oceans. She discusses strange ocean phenomena, the possibility of underwater military bases in the US, and how China recently built an underwater military base. Closing song: ‘Misty’ by Erroll G (Haywyre Cover)

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hey I only just got to listen to this… can you share the video links .. is it on youtube? thanks


There’s an old theory on the “space shuttle” names, a Columbian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis.

Anthony Roberts

People have zoomed into the “stars,” with a nikon camera, and it appears as if you are looking at them through water. Perhaps getting us all to look up, is a distraction from what is below ground or underwater. Also, why do all the puppet politicians and masons supposedly go to Antarctica? Is it to stop us looking at the northern lights at our centre?

PS Water great show, cheers. The Abyss film was a favourite of mine, especially the resusitation scene. Obviously, this was before i became awake to jewish White genocide and their programming. All “nasa” tax money goes to israel, or their DEW black-op tech dev, too.

Ronald Busuttil

Great show that is making me think beyond what I know in many ways. Could it be that the expeditions and some accounts done by the National Socialists yet almost exclusively rejected even by most that were/are sympathetic to them, are indeed closer to truth? That Antarctica in your comment made me ask the question. What is your opinion about some of those accounts? Thanks.


I find it very telling that all of these nations that are constantly warring against each other can all agree that we should not be allowed in Antarctica. Hmmmm. What are they hiding? I think there could be more land beyond what we’re shown. Maybe beyond the ice, there is a tropical paradise.


It might be worth revisiting this subject in a later show after doing a little further research into this especially – Yes, this was a siteseeing public passenger flight to Antarctica that flew out of New Zealand. Did they see something they shouldn’t have? Was it a human sacrifice? Or was it just a severe warning/fear-based programming to condition the public to never want to go anywhere near the place? I’ve only ever seen the same official info on this whenever I briefly checked into it so it might be worth looking into more deeply if possible. “On the morning of 28 November 1979, Air New Zealand Flight TE901 left Māngere airport, Auckland, for an 11-hour return sightseeing flight to Antarctica. At 12.49 p.m.… Read more »

Ronald Busuttil

Never heard this story, thanks for sharing

Ronald Busuttil

I came to know about Renegade Broadcasting when Kyle did a show with a certain Jason Thompkins (I don’t know nothing about him apart what came out from that show). I was reading some books from Serrano and he touch the subject and some too (yes he’s one that ‘believed’ (for lack of a better word) about Antarctica. His writing is not for everyone (me included as I had to skip nearly whole chapters,I’m not an expert on him). From what I got though he knew more and believed some things regarding the National Socialists that I haven’t found in other writers. Also of great importance was his knowledge about the Chileans National Socialists (forgot the name exactly sorry). It’s a sad story that few… Read more »

The Bull

There’s a theory that the earth is growing and/or expanding. That could be the reason for objects, roads, and structures that are found under water . Isn’t Oceanian the name of one the countries in the book 1984?


It’s an interesting theory that also opens up all kinds of other questions & links to others. Is the Earth a living organism? Are water & oil part of its living system? As such is oil continuously produced by the earth (hence not really a “finite resource” as we’re led to believe)? So many questions, so few answers. I think its obvious a few know way more then most & guard this “secret knowledge” very carefully by maintaining widely-accepted BS manufactured “truths” about our world throughout history.

Ronald Busuttil

Though yes there is mention of Oceania (or similar) in the book, I don’t think it has anything to do with the subject here. In the book it is clear to see that he’s referring to that part of the world. I won’t label that book as anything more than ‘Political’ (I hope I’m using the right word)

Ronald Busuttil

What I mean is there’s no mysteries about it and I felt the Author wasn’t trying to write in that sense either.