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Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

Thanks for mentioning Sonic Youth. For some strange reason I suspected these people were going to show up at some point in the conversation, specially since I saw a photo of Fat Horney wearing a Sonic Youth t-shirt, posing with Dicky and some black ladyfriend (maybe some people might remember that picture). I suppose it was a good idea for my part selling all those vinyl records by this band that I once had. I used to be a fan many years ago. I will be looking forward to hear what you have discovered about them in connection with all these shady characters. Take care.

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1 year ago

I can’t believe all the stuff you found out it sucks that it took so long. Don’t let anyone stop you from having friends. I understand why but no one should take that away from you. But I agree with keeping people at a distance.

1 year ago

Adding a song for you Sinead. Listen to the lyrics and stay strong.
Hybrid – Break My Soul

Reply to  HuckleBuck411
1 year ago

I love this song. I actually played it at the end of one of my recent shows.

1 year ago

These subversives really do their best to keep people feeling isolated. Family first. Stay safe guys.

Elfriede the Thoughtful
Reply to  LampLighter
1 year ago

Better yet, renounce, denounce, and guard against the elements of Zionist ideology and Communist ideology, cultivate your ethnic Indo-European identity, and help other Indo-European folks do the same, no matter how hard all of that might be or become.

As for Sinead, I’d like to share the following idea with her:

In Gratitude
1 year ago

Sinead, I’m sorry you got tricked by these two phoney fakes and scammers. But honestly, I don’t remember ever reading any articles by “Colwyn” or “Tabitha”. I do remember “Tabitha” making a lot of comments. But to be honest, I never remember resonating with her comments. Since Renegade is a website which stands for truth, you will attract sociopaths who hate the truth, and respond to truth by attempting to hurt the people authentically strong enough to share the truth with others. Try not to blame yourself harshly or feel too bad over this experience. None of us are perfect and just think of it as a lesson hard won. Here’s a tip for these bitches if they do listen to this podcast. As much… Read more »

1 year ago

Please resume.

1 year ago

Glad to see you back.

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