Fired Up: DIY Holistic Pet Care (3-26-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about ways that we can avoid the vet, and help our animals heal at home. She discusses CBD, colloidal silver, and MMS for treating a multitude of issues your animals may experience.
Closing song: ‘Painted Skies’ by Seba

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Anthony Roberts

Our masters have even degenerated the relationship we have with animals. From the torture and slaughter of some species, to carrying around shitzus in handbags, on the way to the dog spa in Beverly Hills. You don’t need a husband/wife or children, Whitey; just get a pet. Again, genocide, profit and this sick society.

PS Would it be possible to buy the CBD, and using yours and Kyle’s skill and knowledge, “thin” it down with a pet-safe substance to make it more economical for you to sell and customers to buy? I’m sure canine-bis would fly off your online shelves.

Hey Anthony! We actually have a 250mg bottle of the CBD that’s made just for pets. It’s $74 for 2 bottles or $74 for two bags of treats. We also have the dog treats infused w the safe dose of CBD for pets. 🙂


I’m a dog lover, and if dogs don’t exercise their teeth, they may eventually have to have teeth taken out. Some smaller breeds like the Shih Tzu typically have teeth problems. And it’s true, vets can charge for non-existent problems. Sometimes I think younger vets are more concerned with paying for their student fees.

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Great show Sinead. Who is “Sofia”, is she the one who runs Avatar Products?


CBD oil is on my wishlist, amazing to hear what it helps, esp. neuro-issues which I didn’t know. Btw, I am having success treating hot spots on my dog with the oil of oregano and coconut oil salve I made. The coconut oil also repels fleas and is moisturizing – regular flea baths dry out a dog’s skin of its natural oils. MMR – another good one, will have to revisit sometime and stock up.


There is an MMS newsletter: —————— MMS was made into a religion to protect it from the Satanic the international big pharma/gov.crime syndicate. —- has info re: using MMS for treating cancer. Cancer Tutor has info on many cancer treatment alternatives. It may be a good idea to learn about cancer and the history of suppression of cancer cures and of more effective treatments so that if you get cancer you wont freak out and be manipulated by the medical establishment through fear to quickly opt for their harmful and ineffective treatments. Dr. Jennifer Daniels thinks one should avoid medical diagnostic tests for cancer and other diseases. The Ketogenic diet is strongly anti-cancer . ——————- There are various you tube video interviews of… Read more »

It’s disappointing that they are promoting the ketogenic diet as a cancer cure.


Inorganic chemicals like MMS and hydrogen peroxide create cell damage via oxidative stress on all cells whether good, cancerous, or microbial and may cause mutations. I’d be very careful with chemicals like that. How different is that approach from chemo?
There are numerous other science-based organic methods for addressing diseases.

Where can I read more about “MMS and hydrogen peroxide create cell damage via oxidative stress on all cells”? I will cover MMS more in future shows. Do you think that the people claiming to have been cured by using MMS and hydrogen peroxide are lying? What are some of the science-based organic methods for addressing diseases that you would recommend?

There are differences between pathogens and beneficial bacteria. In the first place: • Pathogens create a waste material that is poisonous to the body. • Beneficial bacteria do not generate any poisonous material. Further, All organisms and body cells have an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) that can be either positive or negative. The ORP is the electrical charge that cells exert on other things in their immediate environment. Oxidizers (i.e. chlorine dioxide) also have an ORP, mostly called Oxidation Potential, and all oxidizers have a positive potential. • All pathogens (poison producers) have a negative ORP. • All beneficial bacteria have a positive ORP. Positive charges repel one another. Thus the chlorine dioxide never touches the beneficial bacteria and thus the beneficial bacteria are not… Read more »