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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Our young people are duped into thinking fighting for zog is cool and exciting. See the world , cool tech and swanky uniforms. All hollyweird Officer & Gent, Topgun etc, when the reality is, as you mention, being disposable lab rats for the jewish supremacists.
“Dumb, stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy,” as slug Kissenger said.

PS My smartphone was above my head spreading those healthy waves. Yes, we need a “Hive aid” concert, with your brilliant parodies. Great rendition of 82yr old William Shepherd’s 1970 tavistock-made song. Don’t fight back cattle – just “let it be.”

2 years ago

Greetings from Bulgaria! This is a GREAT song 🙂 Keep the good work !

2 years ago

Probably totally off topic, but I just stumbled across this article about this strange phenomena: I think it is mind-blowing, especially after reading the comments below the article. If this is all true, then what/who are the bad «spirits» who oppress those people? And even more interestingely, what or who is this force so powerful it can literally place a human’s conciousness and perception outside of it’s own body when in danger and harm? Is it good or bad? I don’t think there’s any doubt that there is evil in this world, so if there are spirits, there’s definitely evil spirits. But what about the good ones? If spirits exist, I guess the good ones have plans for us as well. I think it… Read more »

2 years ago

Ignorance is no excuse. They’re all murderers of innocent people in other nations for the kike. The military deserves death and experimentation, as it’s KARMA for the evil they ignorantly foisted upon others. These psycho troops ever rape their own female friendlies, along with women and children in other countries. No respect or compassion at all! Fuck the troops!

Reply to  Kevin
2 years ago

Such misdirected anger proves you are either an ignoramous yourself, or are here to sow division and scapegoat the real monsters pulling the strings.
”The military deserves death and experimentation” – sounds exactly like the sadistic jew’s who are directing the worlds militias and proxy armies to murder each other.

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