Fired Up: Heathen Herbs Sinfomercial (6-11-19)

Tonight Sinead introduces you to some of the newest creations over at She goes over why to use face and body scrubs, the benefits of bentonite clay, natural flea and tick remedies, why to use beard oils, what herbal distillates are and the deodorizing capabilities of magnesium chloride. She forgot to mention that she is also selling wild picked Beautyberry jam on the site as well! (while supplies last)

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Against my better judgement, i will purchase said beard oil, in the hope that it closes my 33mm bald ellipse spot on the top of my head. Long story: i was the central England head tapping, stomach circling champion from ’78 – ’84, before finding my assatru self, and started writing again. However…

Failure to produce any fluff in 40 days and nights, will immediately result in me contacting my local firm of Pakistani lawyers: messrs Bagelstein, Emerick & Raynor. I will sue you for hairassment; demand that you stop selling those all-natural, affordable products; and your company will be banned from doing business in the UK.
Got that!?

PS Haha briddish sarcasm. Keep up the good work, trad-businesswoman.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

I love the English, and the land of England, and am proud to have descended from such wonderful peoples!
Your great Anthony 🙂

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

You always crack me up!

2 years ago

Thank you for doing this show. I have been meaning to place an order for the last few days and this was the reminder I needed! I love the deodorant and the nascent iodine. I’m one of the lucky ones that got the Kava tincture while you were still able to sell it. Luckily I bought the larger size and it’s lasting quite well. I like to take it before bedtime as it helps me relax.

2 years ago

This was an absolute delight to listen to Sinead!
I am an avid user of the magnesium deodorant and spray
and love them both. Are you unable to receive the kava now?
I should have tried it when I had the chance. I got one of the lip balms as a freebie and gave it to my girlfriend who loves it!

2 years ago

This was a really great show.
I consider myself ‘hip’ to a lot of health trends, and have been studying herbs and gardening for several years now, but I always learn something from you and Tabitha – so thank you both!
I am curious about that dolomite..

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