Fired Up: Hebrews and Their Hoaxes (5-21-19)

Sinead talks about the Poway Chabad shooting and also gets into the STEM school that was shot up by a leftist tranny.

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Anthony Roberts

Whenever you see the same first and surname initials, you know it’s fake (ie Brendan Bialy, the young, coached marine-wannabe at STEM). So AA, BB, CC, DD all tie in with their beloved 11, 22, 33 and 44.

I agree. Highlighting these dupes is a good way to expose the jewish supremacists to our sleeping masses. You don’t have to “scare” them with the truth about NS, Germany’s heroes or even White genocide.

PS sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week, Sinead. Keep going. They are in panic mode, and are now having to stoop to new disgusting lows. This will just expose them quicker, and be our fuel for greater resistance.

The parent’s and older loved ones of these ‘dead’ children from all of these hoaxes has sickened me from day one. I would be absolutely hysterical if something happened to my child, for days on end, weeks, months, years.. You don’t get over losing a child or a loved one easily, or quickly, let alone the next day or in the same week! It’s just not possible. I’m 99.99% sure my husband would be inconsolable too for the same amount of time, there is just no way any human (unless he or she was a paid actwhore who was unrelated to a child actor who supposedly died) would be even remotely able to smile for at least a month, and that would be obviously forced!… Read more »

HBO deceptively Target Aryans in Game of Thrones


Nice article, well done! 😉


I’m not sure what this has to do with the subject matter discussed in the show. Are you a fan of GOT? I see your blog states that Alesiter Crowley was a woman. What makes you think this? .

ricck lineheart

So many so many staged mass shootings all being used to destroy or take away the 2nd Amendment . Its far easier to own and control an unarmed population . Also to be used to invent more search and seizure ‘ laws ‘ , zones , metal detectors and a more complete Big Jew Brother nation . First hand I can say as a combat vet its so easy to see the LIE being produced by these leeches ! No one can be involved in such an event and be able to look into the camera and quietly while sniffling and using onion juice [ used by professional actors ] in the eyes and explain things to the public . Impossible ! I have children… Read more »