Fired Up: Inside the Garden – Prerecorded! (1-22-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about how to start an organic garden, how to build soil, natural ways to make your own fertilizer, hydroponics, and more!

Closing song: ‘Sleepless Nights’ by AK & Direct

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I started a kratky setup back near the end of summer, I think actually after hearing you guys mention it. Right now, I have some jalapenos ripening, some lemon balm and peppermint growing, a bit of basil, and some lettuce that I used to make a salad a week or two ago. It’s nice having things grow even when it’s really cold outside, I have some cold weather crops in my garden but they’re not doing too well since it’s my first winter garden. By contrast, the kratky crops are doing wonderfully!

Woo! Go Paige! That’s awesome. I love how the kratky plants don’t seem to get any pests.


Sheik Cackle’s Fetch is gonna be triggered.
He does some good work though. 😀


Slavik gardens! Both my grandparents and my parents had gardens so between three of them there was a lot of work. I was sick of it as a child. Now, the skills I learned are a godsend. I harvested 200lbs of potatoes last season, and I don’t buy any kale year round. It is a bit of work, but the feeling I get looking at my garden is priceless.


Nice one Slavic , were on 5 acres now so getting into gardening in a big way again .
Really enjoy shows like this .


I hope at least 3 of those are trees of you’ll spend all your summer moving the lawn 🙂


Bout 60 planted so far but we got a few animals to keep it down.
Sheep can be hard work but cows are the best for low maintenance and they are all quite entertaining for the wee ones .


Sounds like there are some 16+ hours days ahead of you. Good luck!


This is what I have to go through to grow things here in Canada. Taken on April 22, 2018
[IMGcomment image[/IMG]


Sinead, this was a grand show!
I am a avid lover of kale and lettuce and would love to be able to
grow some, thank you for this valuable information!


I always learn so much from you! I can’t wait to have some land to grow food on! I love the ideas of using trellises and incorporating flowers in between crops to attract butterflies! I need to cultivate more house plants too!