Fired Up: Investigating The Oklahoma City Bombing (7-23-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the Oklahoma City Bombing brought to you by the mossad.

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Anthony Roberts

A top engineer proved that a single truck-bomb could not have caused the resulting damage. He had even worked out which columns would have been prepped with explosives, to result in that frontal slide. Just like the 9/11 FF, the early live news reports gave their game away. Many exiting staff spoke of multiple room-shaking explosions before the large boom at the front. A live aerial shot of the area had no large crater, the one that magically appeared a few days later, and was in the (((final))) report. The engineer’s video or those early news interviews are no longer on jewtube. PS Good summation, Sinead. It was the jewish supremacists, mossad and their shabbos US agencies. A trial 9/11 to blame Whites, grant gov’t… Read more »


April 19, 1995


Did I give the wrong date?


Yes. You Mentioned April 19, 1955. On Your Show.