Fired Up: Makeup or Fakeup? (6-18-19)

Tonight Sinead discusses the history of makeup, her opinions on makeup, the role of jews in the cosmetics industry and more!

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Caisee Campbell

I remember finding out about Jeffree “Star” back in the MySpace days around a decade ago, and let me tell you the lyrics to his earbleeding music posted on his profile were some of the most vulgar/sexually graphic I’ve ever read! And I was shocked that he had (and still has) sooooo many fans because of him being gay, ugly, and putting out awful music. But now that I know he’s a Jew it all makes sense! As far as makeup goes, I own a lot of it but agree that it’s ridiculous to put so much on so that you see the person’s makeup way more than their actual face. Since I have very pale skin and lips I sincerely believe I’m one of… Read more »


I’m sure you’re beautiful without makeup too. 🙂 We’re our own worst critics.


I had to laugh a bit when you mentioned tattooed makeup. I have very light eyes with short lashes and so my eyes almost disappear in my face without a bit of eyeliner (not the heavy, black stuff, just a faint outline in a soft brown.) Also my brows are not very thick so I would also lightly fill them in with soft brown. The effect of both was very natural and subtle. I got tired of this same routine day after day and would grumble that since I knew I always wanted the effect I wished I could just tattoo the color on and it would just always be there (I didn’t know that was actually a thing at that time.) A few years… Read more »


Isn’t tatooing very unhealthy as the ink leaches into the skin? I’ve heard many of the inks containing mercury. I’ve read that nano particles end up in the lymph nodes as well.




If you need to put fake eyelashes on every day you may have confidence issues.

Algiz Rune

Handsome Jewth:
@ 26:40


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