Fired Up: Massimo – He Who Controls the Past Controls the Future (1-1-19)

Tonight Sinead speaks with Massimo from Italy about Assad, Iran, Dugin, Casapound, the new chronology, Fomenko and more!
Opening song: ‘Indiscretion’ by MPH Closing song: ‘When I go’ by Emancipator

Link to book Massimo mentions:

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Dear Sinead and Massimo et al. First, I really like Massimo! When he talked about Gnosis and this would being ruled by the evil demonic entities and that he knows this intuitively. I totally understand and have known this myself the same. The only way to explain and understand the way this world is is that it is ruled by supernatural Evil. The demonic evil beings I believe are the minions or offspring of the Jews god YHVH and the Jews are the human servants in the physical world, if indeed they actually are human. ” . . . …the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.” There is one quote I always show to… Read more »


Assad is hostage to Russionism. Russia plays the good cop – assad knows that.

Iran has repeatedly denounced the Russians.


Iran has accused Russia of giving the codes for Syria’s anti-aircraft missiles to Israel, a senior official in the engineering department of Iran’s Defense Department told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida on Monday.”

Thank you for your eye-opening comment. Many people that I encountered on Youtube (my account was suspended) would equate fascism with National Socialism which is much different than NS. I too, found out that Mussolini was pro-jewish, and that he was even jealous of Adolf Hitler – causing the Germans to have to go into Greece, and rescue the Italian troops there, which may have also cost the Germans the war on the Ostfront! Such a damn shame! Maybe you and Renegade could do a show on how fascism and communism, starkly contrast with NS? Anyhow, the war of flowers united Germany with Austria, and from what I saw in the film footage, the Austrian people were thrilled! Great comment

Dear Lotti, Thank you for your positive feedback! There have been many occasions when this issue is brought up where either someone states that Fascism and National Socialism are totally different, which is totally false, or the more common false statement is made that National Socialism is nothing more than German Fascism or that Italian Fascism was really Italian National Socialism. You’re right a whole show could be done on the topic and if I were to do such a show it would go beyond just Italy, Germany and Austria and look at the many Militarist-Socialist Anti-Marxist Anti-Usury/Anti-International Banking movements and parties that arose after WWI not just in Europe but also in Latin America, the United States, and the Middle East. Racialism and opposition… Read more »

Thank you for your insightful and generous reply! I truly understand why you would want to do a show on who you are, and what brought you to understanding historical truth, and what your motives are due to all of the shills and infiltrators, and yes, a whole show would be needed to discuss those various topics. I had no idea that Mussolini was working with that monster, Churchill – how utterly sickening! The more I look into WWII history, the more I find out that there were so many damn traitors to the German peoples! I get so infuriated by all of this – I sometimes wonder how ANY German peoples survived the horrors of WWII, and after! I often feel that we Germans… Read more »

Someone downvoted our comments – I guess the truth hurts!


Konrad, perhaps arranging with Kyle an opportunity for him to interview you would help with you organizing your thoughts? It sounds like you have much knowledge that could be helpful and if organizing it all into a presentation you are happy with does not come naturally, perhaps interacting with a skilled interviewer such as Kyle will help bring out the pertinent information in a more logical way? Maybe worth a try.

I agree that the Chinese will be the new darlings of the jews – I’m pretty sure that most of the “chosen” ones have Mongol blood in them, anyhow. I have watched documentaries about all of these ghost cities popping up, not only in China, but in Mongolia, Khazakstan, and other places – yet hardly anyone lives in these ghost areas! The Chinese make on average about 6,000 dolars per year, and a finished two bedroom apartment costs about 100,000 dollars! What scares me about the Chinese, is that they can be ruthless, and their treatment of the environment is so disgusting, from dumping raw sewage, toxins, and other pollutants in rivers and other waterways, to severe air pollution to total devastation of forests, and… Read more »


Very good discussion. I agree about the English language. I believe Orwell’s message with his 1984 was about this process of English Socialism. It would seem the longer this has gone on with this language, the more the corruption of languages. Prof. Revilo P. Oliver of all people would agree.


I found an older article on Renegade Tribune dealing with similar questions regarding Fomenko: I personally am still missing the details on what Fomenko is supposedly pushing that is so questionable. I think the main question should be, what we can glean from his “New Chronology” series. I am currently of similar opinion as the author “Shawna Marie” who wrote the above article. I agree that the main danger is how the New Chronology might be hijacked and used by our enemies, because Shawna’s prediction has actually come true since the article was published: a huge push of absurd theories on youtube for example has taken place, that often connect to Fomenko’s work – the “Flat Earth British” channel is an example of a… Read more »

It’s not the new chronology that is “wrong”. As Massimo said, this Fomenko guy didn’t discover it. It’s just strange that all of these new theories are coming from Russia. I don’t think it’s a mistake. They are setting up the Russians to be the new “saviors”. Also, the push for this whole Tartaria thing is coming from the new chronology crowd. Again, it’s not what they say, but what they don’t say. Fomenko was a professor during Soviet times. You really think they’d let him push this if it wasn’t approved by the powers that be? If he was a real dissident he would have been killed. I thought Massimo made his position very clear. They will bait us with truth. It doesn’t mean… Read more »

For example, here is “The New Earth” channel we were talking about (from Russia) that discusses a lot of the new chronology. They have some good videos, and then they have this:
She’s also pushing this telegony BS. They did a study on flies, and then applied it to humans. It’s retarded. Imo it’s just an excuse to take away women’s rights and force them into “monogamous arranged marriages.”
comment image
She also loves Mark Dice.
comment image
American’s are SO stupid! But not Russians, right Sylvie?
At least someone calls her out on her anti-White/West BS.
comment image
Here she is shilling for jews:
comment image

Here she is shilling for Islam. I see the agenda clear as day. Do you see what I see?
Abrahamic religions serve the demons. There is nothing “good” about it. I also notice she uses a very “Orthodox” aesthetic.


The Jews and Muslims are a team, Christians by my reckoning are their pets, and useful idiots!! Pagans must unite!!!


Wow. She couldn’t be more obvious! Definite agent at work!

Mark Dice is such a jerk – I can’t stand all of these jewish losers!


Thank you very much Sinead. I had actually hoped you would go into Fomenko a little more during the show, but I realize now that the things Massimo said about him were already the conclusion, and that you moved on after that. I did listen carefully, and was able to follow Massimo’s thoughts most of the time, but was just missing (for myself) a way to tie this Russian propaganda – that uses truth as bait – in to something tangible. But I do follow your line of thinking and actually agree with what you and Massimo said. I am extremely wary of anything connected to Russia — I actually waited over a year before I decided to get the Fomenko book, because I considered… Read more »

Found this interesting:
#GiletsJaunes in #Paris shouting “Long live Bashar al-#Assad [#Syria|n President]. We are avec him. Long live to his family”.


Interesting from Saddam talking about the 1973 war.

Again not fully trusting Saddam, but what he said is interesting none the less.

That being said I never thought the Assad regime was really fighting the ‘NWO’, lol. I’m sure most people here have seen the picture of Assad doing the OK sodomy sign.


Greetings and Happy New Year 🙂

You know he mentions demons, but that comes from Daemon a guiding higher type of self among the Greeks. The Zoroastrians had something similar the Fravashi which is like a angel or our essence before be ware born that chooses to incarnate on Earth.

Even Devil comes from Deva which means god. The Latvians Pagans still call their gods Devi as well. Its like the Christians an Jews took everything good an made it bad similar to what they did with slave morality an master morality.


I agree about the ethimology of the DAEMON word, so let’s be clear about what I meant with the noun Demon. There are forces in the spiritual (so energetic with no physical organic carbonic body) realm that are no.benevolent at all and could be compared to the reptiles carnivorous. These are the “demons ‘ behind the big Jews giving them power (magik) and receiving in exchange all the evil committed to white children in their various rituals and rapes and wars and suffering in every form.

Aren’t you a literal satanist, Brandon? Why are you still here?

I got this book called Hiram Key – one that claims to decode Freemasonry and it goes into Moses being in exile from Egypt in the mountains with the midianite Pagans, so Moses basically based his God off of a mountain storm god from them. Massimo you like Gurdjieff right? Ever notice how he makes Beelzebub the hero of his legominism book? In the West I see Satan as a Promethean figure. The Greeks half their population was slaves, yet the Persian Empire would free people. You see the Greeks take Ahura Mazda an make their Pormetheus Devil from. No one with knee jerk reactions ever explains clearly what it is they don’t agree with about Satanic Philosophy. I just hear them saying they dislike… Read more »


Brandon are you saying the Persians did not have slaves or trade in slaves? How does a Nation become an Empire? And what of these people they “freed”? After killing off the independent rulers they would put vassals in place which are little more than honorary slaves. What would happen to a vassal Nation that did not pay its tribute and honors? As for the Greeks, like most if not all other Nations, they did not count slaves as part of their population. So where are you getting this half number from?

Usually people would throw down their weapons rather than fight the Persians cause they knew they would make things better. Zoroastrians are against slavery because it goes against the amensha spentas an stops people from developing themselves.


Brandon it would seem your perspective on history is as twisted and deluded as you’re perspective on spirituality.


My point of view and understanding of the perceptive reality it’s the old gnostic dualistic one. I do feel and know this reality (the carbonic organic life) being the creation of a mind (thought form intent) not benevolent. Always felt like this, never understood why, until I read the ancient gnostics observing Nature and the pain in the world, from the smallest to the biggest. Their answer to the Problem of Evil was the same I always felt, we are in Hell. No matter what it was before, what matters is what is now. The Jew knows that and strives in here because he knows that inflicting pain is the way to succeed in the world of Loki, Ahriman, YHWH, Yaldabaoth, whatever of his 1001… Read more »

Massimo you mentioned 4th way before Gurdjieff went into the world being a pain factory an negative emotions feeding the moon an becoming a real being feeding the sun.


Do you have any proof for your wild theories that you are pushing as facts?


Jim, Who are you referring to?


I do feel and know this reality (the carbonic organic life) being the creation of a mind (thought form intent) not benevolent.

You say you know this so I thought you might have some form of proof for it or otherwise you are dealing with the word ‘knowing’ pretty loosely.

Did those ancient gnostics give some solution or at least a reasoning as to why we are in Hell? I mean this isn’t much more than saying “yup, world is messed up”. Gee, thanks, what a revelation!

Did they or do you have an explanation for this Yhwh’s guy behavior? Like does he have some reason to mess with people for millennia?


Gotta love this site, trolls have a very short life here, not because they get edited, but because they get the shit shot outta them when they raise their ugly troll heads. Refreshing. Well done Kyle and Sinead. First, I need to address “Brandon Lashbrook” on his satanic stance. Just for a starter, the essence of satanism boils down to this, “Might makes right”. The essence of Masonry and Crowleyism is “Do as you wilt is the whole of the law” See any similarities? Most satanist have as a fundamental- to oppose/destroy Christianity. Why? By having this as an organizational tenant, you give it (Christianity) legs, you prop it up, you create the dialectic,(Different sides of the same coin) dipshit. Christianity couldn’t thrive without you… Read more »

Might is right whether people think it is righteous or not thats a fact, so accepting that reality makes us more prepared to deal with it. Do what thou wilt is not about hedonism really its about linking your will with the universal will and thats actually RHP rather than LHP. Satanism even is rational Epicureanism not Hedonism. For example the S.B. indulgence not compulsion. The anti Christian stuff is just first phase Satanism. Like doing a black mass to liberate your mind from the symbol systems you where indoctrinated into from birth. That does not mean someone that is Left Hand Path needs Christians or thrives on them somehow. Might is Right goes into mutual aid, but it says as soon as one wolf… Read more »

Get the hell out of here. You are not welcome here. Take your satanist BS to Dion’s shitty network where you belong.


Brandon, I don’t check in here real regular, but it looks like you might be banned. I’ll guess that you might still be able to read, so I’ll leave you with some nuggs to ruminate. As you seem to have missed completely what I said about Lavey, I’ll give you your final hint. HE WAS A FRONT-before he became the high priest of stupidity, he was a bad musician, half ass actor and part time police photographer. He is to Satanism what the torah is to jews, window dressing. You will not get to real satanism by following Lavey. Aquino is way closer, and if your big problem with him is he likes academics, (Because he wants to install them in positions of power to… Read more »


Gotta love this site, trolls have a very short life here, not because they get edited,
but because they get the shit shot outta them when they raise their ugly troll heads. Refreshing.
Well done Kyle and Sinead.

I don’t check in here real regular, but it looks like you might be banned.



That was a very illuminating comment, thank you. I think it may have helped me more (who seeks to understand these types better), than that young “disciple of the dark arts” you were addressing…
I personally don’t have many hopes in changing these people.


Most welcome!


Assad is a Jew? That ‘s what some said about Erdogan and his supposed Donmeh past. The Saudi family definitely has Jew blood. That is a fact, but Assad? We do know the Jews don’t want Iran in Syria. And Assad won’t retaliate against Israel because (as Massimo pointed out) there would be a full-blown war with the paranoid Jews, and America would come running to their defense.

His wife being an international banker for JP Morgan is cool w you? No cause for suspicion? Would you trust Kyle if he married me and I was a international banker for JP Morgan several years ago?


Thanks to 200 years of blabber-mouthing English has become a very superficial language. The fight against ‘the automatic mode’ and ’emotional disturbances’ is the biggest fight we’re facing. The return of the slap is unavoidable.

Obvious Shill is Obvious

Here’re some tips to Sinead’s Jewish handlers: Generally speaking the people who are part of the anti-Zionist movement have at least an average IQ so your paids shills need a bit more sophistication and intelligence in order to deceive the movement. Sinead has a good voice and can sing well but she’s not very good at playing the role of a shill. Her fake act and the retarded talking points that you’re feeding her are too obvious even for the less informed people in the movement. It’s too much of an insult to one’s intelligence. I can think of much better talking points and factoids you can point out to if you’re trying to paint Assad or Iran as Jewish puppet nations. In fact I… Read more »


Well, I think having your wife working as an international banker for JP Morgan it should be enough for rising few concerns. The fact tha Jewtin plays with Syria enemies and allies at the same time and never a word from Assad, the fact he could have been taken out dozen of times by Israel…well maybe we are retarded to be suspicious , you do for believing without questioning. Regards


1. Assad never says anything that would go against the global script (staged shootings/terror attacks/chemtrails/etc). 2. Assad blames the Arabs for 911. 3. Assad blames the “West” for creating radical islamists (the “West” wrote the bible, the talmud and the kabbalah). 4. Assad (as well as Iranian leaders) has “no problem with the jewish people”. 5. Assad has no problem with Putin’s fellas exterminating some 500 000 – million Russians a year. 6. Assad has no problem with Putin sleeping with Bibi. 7. Assad has no problem with Putin’s media showing footage from Ukraine and saying it’s Trump bombing Syria. 8. Putin has no problem with Assad’s soldiers sieg heiling during graduation ceremonies. 9. Assad’s 120K strong army can’t do shit against a bunch of… Read more »


PART 2. (Use google translate) Putin has liberated THREE Syrias: Liberation of Syria was completed back in March 2016: (But ISIS is still alive according to Putin, which he stated during his press conference on 12/20/2018) All of Assad’s interviews are packed full of contradictory nonsense, but this one takes the cake – (Look for the bit where the woman says something like “I can’t understand it, you say there’s war but I see normal life”). For those still not convinced:

‘Assad’s a Jew, claims Egypt TV guest’


Nothing you said was of any substance at all, all you did was claim that Sinead is a shill because she dared to question Iran and Assads allegiance which anyone with some critical thinking capacity should do. I know how people like you operate, you want everyone to question what is being said on the surface because the media lies to us all the time which is true, but as soon as people start questioning things that’s also being shown on the surface that will go against the narrative you fools like to paint, like Assad and Iran is leeegit. Baam, you will quickly call those people shills, trying to discredit them. But hey, If you’re so sure that Assad and Iran is not controlled… Read more »


What movement are you talking about?
I’m sorry but I get tired of reading this. In what way can you define people talking and exchanging info online a movement? Are we going to fighting it out in the streets or taking down the Capitol any time soon? Is there any organization for mobilization against the Jewish power oppressing us?
I’m not trying to be an asshole but I wish there actually was a movement but there is not one and there won’t be one with idiots like you hiding behind stupid names slinging shit at people who are obviously NOT shills.

Foster XL

HAHAHA! All of these actual shills (his name says it all really) use the word “movement” which is just a more obvious reason amongst many why this shill is so obvious. For so long they’ve thought their chaos approach was unbeatable, and on the face of it it sometimes appears so, but believing you have a higher IQ because you assume you’re on the “winning” side is more foolish than they can comprehend. There is a reason this “battle” has been going on for so long & the enemy has been beaten EVERY time. A war against Nature is both never-ending & one that can never be won. Nature takes no prisoners & the harder the enemy fights the harder they will fall… EVERY TIME!