Fired Up: Media Manipulation and Murder Mysteries (1-15-19)

In this episode of fired up Sinead discusses certain missing persons cases that are covered extensively by the media and what the reason for this might be.  Thousands of children go missing every day, yet the media likes to focus on only a handful of cases.  Are these cases actually real? Or is this just another media manipulation?

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Anthony Roberts

Any “event” that gets an inordinate amount of coverage is suspect in my opinion. Some may be genuine, but even these will be steered to garnish outrage, spread fear and so usher in the police state.

I think you are right about the chipping. First pets, then children at school, then you at your slave workplace. Like the fed creation, they dupe our people into changing laws and creating this new sick normal.

PS Another false area is murder/suicide by “evil” White men on their family. The recent Colorado murders by Chris Watts (he didn’t kill himself), made the news here everyday for weeks. The story seems contrived. His trial and sentencing is even on YT, hmm?


Exposing media fakery is still one of the best ways to break through people’s illusions and wake them up. As someone who never watched TV and has paid almost no attention to the German news (while growing up there), I’ve never really taken these highly publicised, cherry picked cases seriously. They were always “tabloid newspaper” material to me: gossipy, overblown, fake. I have been flying to the US since I was little, so the sheer vastness of our realm was always a part of my awareness: It made it impossible to take the news seriously, there was always excessive fakeness infused in it that I instinctively rejected (“What about all the real people out there? Don’t they count?) Also one more note: I see a… Read more »


Two curious cases that might tie in are the Polly Klaas one where Winona Ryder (goddaughter of psy-op agent Tim Leary) played a role and the Adam Walsh case where his father became a TV personality. I think these are all presented as episodic shows with dramatic plot twists and then you have all the plotlines in movies and TV that blur ‘reality’ further. Regarding Jon Benet, why did they never show a picture of her as a normal, not-dolled-up child? All this psy-warfare should be questioned and hopefully, one day fully documented as a decades-long crime that has caused incredible damage to our once-safe and relatively family-friendly society. John Walsh brought that ‘show’ into living rooms with America’s Most Wanted – he’s been quoted… Read more »

The Daily Shit-Stormer weighs in on this “thot”:
In the news they mentioned how the kidnapper shaved his head, as to not leave DNA evidence. Hmmm. A skin-head?


“Even with the whole Jewish metoo thing – these women were not raped”
“I don’t think that you can frame what the Jews of metoo did as “good,” but it is also hard to frame it as “wrong.” They were simply taking advantage of situations that were presented to them by women.”

uuuh what the fuck? I thought anglin was at least *trying* to pretend to not be a piece of shit, has he just given up? Why is he literally defending rapist jews and blaming white women for it, and why is nobody in the comments calling him out for that?


Check out Daily Stormer’s banner, Andrew really likes Asians, doesn’t he? He said in his myspace site in early 2000 that he’s half amerindian, here’s the proof:
comment image (download to zoom in)


Dude you need to post the original link, this is a downsized version that one can’t read. 😉


SInead mentioned that since a couple thousand kids go missing every day, why is the media focused on just one or two individuals. Is it because all the world’s a stage, and we are only players looking for excitement? Same goes for the (political motivations of the) DINO’s focused on a couple of children separated at the border. Over 108,000 kids are separated each year in the U.S. and put up for adoption!


Music anyone?

‘Sleepless in Berlin’ by AK.


Thank you


Another weird aspect to the Elizabeth Smart case was the interrogation of the ‘handyman’ Richard Ricci, whom Ed Smart had accused of the kidnapping. Ricci was arrested, and subsequently died in custody after suffering a brain hemorrhage in his prison cell. Ricci’s widow later committed suicide in 2015. At the time, I figured the public interest was due to the made-for-tv story of Elizabeth, the pretty innocent blonde girl from a well-to-do family, suddenly vanishing. Pardon this outlandish theory, but knowing more about these various pedo cults out there, I can’t help but wonder if the entire story was placed in the media to advertise her to potential bidders. In any case, something went wrong and we were presented with the cartoonish Charles… Read more »


There were some suspicious things done by law enforcement while searching for Jayme Closs. They call FBI in (perhaps that is routine) then the Sheriff holds press conferences mostly saying the FBI doesn’t want him to talk about anything.

They have a couple thousand of us meticulously search properties surrounding Jayme’s house one day. Then, several days later after a wind storm, they have helicopters buzzing around town and the reason is “to search the area now that the leaves are off the trees.” Uhh, didn’t we just walk around and search under the trees?

Seems there was a lot of budget-burning-search-theater.

Also, in an interview, the Sheriff laughs saying that he doesn’t rule out space aliens took Jayme.



The license plate the kidnapper stole off a car belonged to an elementary school janitor for a school in a different town nearby. Funny coincidence, huh?


People are missing the issue of the R Kelly scandal and its tsunami-like reverberations within the black community. The 3 or 6 hour documentary Surviving R Kelly aired a couple of days before Jayme was found and I’m quite sure its debut was planned months in advance. Some of the hardest lessons it offers relate to black male violence towards black females as a product of black community dysfunction (as opposed to white) and to the complex of issues stemming from that self-destructiveness, like misogyny, etc. All one has to do is read the comments sections to see that many americans construe Patterson’s acts as ‘White Male/Trump/Incel//Alt Right/Et Al’ dysfunction and ‘toxic masculinity.’ Personally, I think it might become more ‘proof’ that we need Red… Read more »


I should add that part of the R Kelly complex is not just black but also jewish violence towards some black females, given how enabled and licensed Kelly was by jewish music executives among others.

Also, I sense part of the agenda of the Jake Patterson case, real or just embellished, might be to convince the public that pedophilia of white women particularly is not any big deal. Elizabeth Smart seems to be all about that, and Christine Blasey Ford’s resume includes some ‘study’ of how un-traumatic sexual abuse can be.


Are you the same Mary Phagans Ghost that is on Twitter? If not, why are you impersonating them?

Studio Gibslee

Another White man supposedly killed his whole family in Oregon.

I have long thought these stories to be bullshit just like the fake shootings and I’m glad you touched on them because there are not enough people scrutinizing these mini false flags and the agendas behind them.

Also, Natalee Holloway looked 100% tranny and to a lesser extent this Jayme Closs character.


It’s obvious that our fascist “problem-reaction-solution” society want guide us to micro shipping populace. Hegelian dialectic.