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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

I dread to think what parasitic problems people are storing up for their future health, by eating rare and semi-rare meat in restaurants. Could this bizarre morgellens phenomenon be coming from their (((modified))) food and/or chemtrails?

PS Thanks to you and Sofia. Like you, if i had a damaged child, or had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, i would explore all of these avenues to find a cure.

4 years ago

Can you mention where you bought yours? I don’t think you mentioned it. I used to get it on ebay, but don’t think it’s still available.

Foster XL
4 years ago

Informative show, thanks Sinead. Any chance you might at some stage look into what seems to be quite a higher than normal incidence of endometriosis in our young females. In our extended family alone there has been 3 young ladies diagnosed before they reached 20 ie. while still in their teens. They all had the usual shots at birth (obviously wouldn’t have been my choice in my own family!) & one was dosed with antibiotics a few days after being born because she got sick. They are all beautiful, blue-eyed blond young ladies whose chances at childbirth have been severely limited if not downright stolen away from them! I myself think this to be way too much of a cohencidence to be any kind of… Read more »

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