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2 years ago

Great Show! Metalcore bands tend to have “more positive” lyrical themes, definitely not in all cases though. Parkway Drive has some better stuff than some of these types of bands you mentioned they are from Australia but they are definitely signed to a ‘big label’ and just like in the case of any musical group, that makes one wonder about who their paymasters may be. They do have uplifting lyrics (For the most part, not constant death worship as some of the more satanic type metal bands), most metalcore bands seem to have that(positive/uplifting lyrical themes, usually) but that doesn’t mean they don’t have paymasters with an (((agenda))) either. With that said, it is worth taking note of what record labels these groups are generally… Read more »

2 years ago

Bent – K.i.s.s.e.s



(Ich) träumte so gerne von den Freuden der Welt

Ich hatte manches Schöne mir vorgestellt

Und dann kam ein Tag und den vergesse ich nie

Viel schöner als meine Phantasie

Ooh, ooh, Küsse süßer als Wein


(I) dreamed so happily about the joys of the world

I had imagined many a beautiful thing

And then came one day that I’ll never forget

Much more beautiful than my fantasy

Ooh, ooh, kisses sweeter than wine


Reply to  guest
2 years ago

Isn’t it a beautiful song?

Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

Absolutely. Lyrics of the original song continue: Time flew by autumn came to the country When my first love came to an end I do not know why our bliss broke apart Silently life went on for us. Without kisses mmh sweeter than wine Without your kisses sweeter than wine Winter was lonely the snow was falling so white My whole existence appeared to me like the ice Only sometimes at night I dreamed wonderfully Of everything that had once been Of the kisses mmh sweeter than wine Our kisses sweeter than wine And then spring came so stormy I did no longer think about our happy times Then you came back to me very lonely Now for both of us blissfulness will flourish anew… Read more »

Reply to  guest
2 years ago

Maybe you should send this over to Shaun Surplus ‘cos it sure sounds like he could use a little uplifting atm! My friend suggested I look at what he just posted as blurbs for the last 2 shows thusly –

TCTA 9 Aug“Yeah the recording is fine. Whilst the live feed was fucked, the recording is totally separate. Listen or don’t. I don’t give a fuck.”

Yeah Sure Life is Grand 14 Aug“Nothing much to write but plenty to say… Don’t email me with your hurt feelings, because I don’t care…” The download is called “Life-Is-Crap.mp3”

Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

I saw something about his daughter, who’s not really his birth daughter, not wanting to speak w him anymore. He apparently has been contacting her teachers, trying to get through to her. Ew. I can only imagine the stuff that poor girl went through, having to live with Shaun.

2 years ago

In the book 1984 the government sent the military constantly to foreign countries because the ruling class was scared of the military.

2 years ago

We currently live in the era where it is predominately the men, women, and tranny’s of the military (and immigrants) who are the only people in America with financial security, and a regular pay that is hard to find elsewhere. Knowing this, I’m not surprised those shitty metal bands have sold so many albums. It is my belief based on what I’ve seen, that the American military is basically a tranny factory. I am pretty sure in certain states across the country ”noise pollution” used to be a real thing that people cared about, and excessively loud vehicles were fined accordingly. I don’t know what happened to those laws or regulations, but I feel like every time I am ‘out and about’ in town I… Read more »

Reply to  Amber
2 years ago

Transgender women who alter their bodies to become men, are listening to death metal while they murder families across the world.

This Transgender Soldier Has No Plans Of Leaving The Military (HBO)

I saw a woman wearing at the farmers market recently that was all hot pink, with the word’s ”WOMEN 2020 – Because We’re Sick of This Shit”.

2 years ago

Really good show Sinead. I had no idea about the blaring of music by troops for psych warfare, not surprising. Crazy how metal sucked me in at a young age. First time I put on Master of Puppets in ‘86 it blew my socks off. And Metallica still delivers. Maybe it’s a mainly guy thing tapping the testosterone flow, but it absolutely has an effect on me. Very base level. No wonder it was (((Bob Rock))) who’s behind almost ALL the biggest albums. Check out his repertoire sometime. There must be some good known black magic with this stuff. Musically Metallica are really talented too, a lot of melody unlike Slayer and heavier death bands. The other band that is absolutely ginormous is Amon Amarth.… Read more »

2 years ago

Regarding the song by the commie band Peoples Republic of Europe called Moloch: moloch is the name of the god in the bible that required child sacrifice. How fitting. Supposedly Moloch was a bronze statue of a bull that had a fireplace in its belly and outstretched arms which became red hot. The child would be placed in the arms to be burned while “priests” of Moloch beat loud drums to drown out the child’s cries so the mothers would not interfere. Sick stuff and fits with what’s being exposed now.

Chris Pollard
2 years ago

I used to laugh at moralist conservatives’ arguments that I should stop and think about some of the music I listen to. Nothing made me question my consumption of death metal, goregrind, punk rock, hardcore, stoner music of all varieties, groups like GWAR and Mr Bungle with their lyrical and theatrical degeneracy……until I was red pilled on the JQ. The 90s were really the second 60s, in that cultural floodgates were opened far further to allow all manner of social, artistic and media perversion and edginess to pervade every corner of our society and send countless millions of youth (including me) down a psychological hellhole. And who was behind it all, the executives of record labels like Geffen, Metal Blade, Interscope, Warner, Roadrunner, Relapse, Death… Read more »

Foster XL
Reply to  Chris Pollard
2 years ago

All you need to do now is shake off the stupid alt kike speak like “red pilled on the JQ” & start saying it like it really is – the jewish PROBLEM! 😉

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