Fired Up: Music Festivals – State Sanctioned Goyim Play Pens (10-16-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about how music festivals are state sanctioned goyim play pens. With the assistance of club drugs like MDMA, these festivals create the illusion of community and spiritual experiences. She also discusses “drug testing” at music festivals that encouages drug users to have their drugs tested to make sure they’re real, without the threat or being arrested.
Closing song: ‘ Unfolding’ by Etherwood – (feat. Laurelle Robichaud)

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Different decades, but the same jewish drugs, unnatural beats and flashing symbolic formula. These latest UK “Harmers Markets” are designed by the Tavistock Institute, and will cement their all-electric communist enslavement agenda.

A cold, wet, muddy field known as the Milton Keynes Bowl, was my only outdoor “festival” experience. And this eighteen year old’s disassociative substance of choice? Keto-mine. That would be the one disgusting over-priced hotdog i consumed. Done that, didn’t get the cr**py T-shirt!

PS I’m glad you and Kyle made it through all this madness, and are helping our race learn the truth.

2 years ago

For your information: I can visit your page, but I can’t download your shows with free wifi in local supermarket here in Estonia – text pops out that says: “Blocked due to racism and hate speech”… Otherwise things are pretty grim here too, eight or nine years ago you could meet black person maybe once or twice a month and they were mostly tourists, now I see them almost every day. Whats worse; I see increasing number of mixed couples and even racially mixed babies and children! At the same time indigenous people are escaping the country due to government politics, what slavishly follows every stupid rule and regulation from EU. As it is known from wikileaks, US jewish ambassador Aldona Wos ( “advised” to… Read more »

2 years ago

These festivals are largely occupied by people fidgeting with their phones, texting and taking pictures, wondering if they’re having fun yet.
Most of the music, especially stuff like jazz and progressive rock, feels like “chasing rainbows.” You never really “get there.” But it’s not as pointless as most techno which is like being stuck in a cement mixer. It’s all promoted by the tribe.

Most classical and folk, on the other hand, is about always “being there” enjoying the moment.

2 years ago

Drugs and alcohol never made me have “fun,” they just made me feel like in about 15 minutes something really fun is going to happen. It never did.

Reply to  Jmcaul
2 years ago

That’s a great way of explaining it lol

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