Fired Up: Natural Immune Boosting (11-19-19)

Tonight Sinead discusses some commonly held myths about immune boosting. She discusses how collagen and bone broth do not support your immune system. She then discusses colloidal silver, immune boosting herbs and the research to show how effective these natural remedies are. Closing song: ‘Clear’ by So Below

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2 years ago

Excellent and timely show! Thanks for all the great reminders Sinead. There are so many scams in the health supplement world, it’s truly outrageous. This world of consumers needs to be infiltrated by well meaning Whites who know the score. People you meet at health food stores, in gym’s, or other places of athletic endeavors are showing their search for the truth when it comes to health and wellness by their actions. With so many meat, dairy, pharma and all the other toxic shills, well meaning people can end up wasting not only their time and money, but their lives chasing the image of the 6 million magazine cover models, getting no where. These are the people we should be winning over, the ones who… Read more »

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