Fired Up: Recent Ridiculous PsyOp Shootings (8-6-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the recent psy ops. how the father of one of the “shooters” is tied to John of God, a Brazilian child trafficker, and plays some crisis actor clips and awards the best crisis actor award.

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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Fema’s National Exercise Division – as in “NED Peppers,” the bar where the third drill-dupe took place? Con-nor, the third “shooter” was photographed with a jew metalcore band patch. This (((band))) had an album called “wormwood.” Now, which rev in the buy-bull mentions “wormwood?” That’s riighttt, rev 8:11 (Aug 11th) hmm? PS They are slowly creating a bolshevik state in every White country. You good people in the U.S. still can carry a weapon and speak out publicly about jewish supremacy. Please act before you too are silenced. Good show, Sinead. PPS More woo woos: From the forming of San Fran to tisha b’av on evening Sat 10th Aug is….88,888 days. Robin Williams, who started his “comedy” career in San Fran, was “taken care of”… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

Yea, they are creating a “bolshevik” state in White nations, what White nations don’t have a kike holokozzer “memorial” in it? Nothing other than a territorial marker of their despotism. Tell that to your average machine operative drool monkey who is “juszt dooing their jubbe”

2 years ago

These Walmart shootings will definitely make their sales go down, which will be the perfect impetus to close these ‘super centers’ all over the country, and maybe even one’s around the world. ”It’s just too dangerous to shop there!” Everyone knows the government ties via Department of Homeland Security to Walmart. (If not just enter Walmart in the search bar here or on With these massive empty facilities all over the country supplying the military with whatever they need, you can bet they will also serve as the projected ‘rehabilitation/detention centers’ for uncooperative patriots / domestic terrorists, and who knows what else… Don’t forget the underground networks that transport everything to and from from these Wally Worlds. ”never let a crisis go to waste”…… Read more »

Don Apophis
2 years ago

Honestly I don’t even think it can be real anymore. I have been watching the shootings and bombings since I was with the Militia of Montana in the early 90s. Back then they actually tried to make it seem real. Now they are apparently so bad at this it’s not even fun to try to figure these things out anymore. Its all so easy.

Even so, thank you for bringing it up. I can only do so much trolling and the social media platforms disappear my stuff so fast its almost not worth it anymore. 🙂

How people believe this stuff is just beyond me. Its like walking up to a squirrel and saying to someone, this is your new physics instructor!

1 year ago

Not even 5 minutes in and when you said OLIVE I thought of I’LL-LIVE. A woman who allegedly killed her twins last name is Kilpatrick..KILL-PATRICK. I could not make this s@#t up if I tried. lol They love to use those play on words.

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