Fired Up: Shabbat Shalom, My Fellow White People (9-17-19)

Sinead talks about the reasons why Tabitha is no longer on the network.

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Anthony Roberts

At the very least, this woman was underhand by giving the impression that she ate a plant based diet. Why would an up-market chef join a pro-White site, anyway? Wouldn’t you just start your own company, or open your own YT channel?

You are fighting jews, but you leave your past jewish relationship up on social media? The bizarre child-like family terms? When she said her husband “wants to stay in the background,” but she asked for donations, i realized something was not right.

If Tabitha-Miranda-Bita is not a jewess or agent, then she is one mixed-up person.

I get the feeling this Tabitha thing is having it’s intended effect of dividing up the Renegade crowd. With that said, I commend Anthony for defending Sinead, it is good to see a man who will not shirk. I also feel like this could be some kind of distraction right now, like something big is coming, although I hope I’m wrong. Most people liked her, but why? What comes to mind in retrospect about her last several shows reminds me of the feeling you get when you drive by a car accident. You can’t help but look, but unless you are first on the scene, there’s really nothing you can do but feel awful and helpless as you look on. The regular tranny coverage and… Read more »

Also, I think it would be absolutely ridiculous for Sinead to be jealous of Tabitha. Sinead has done more to awaken, inform, and support the White race to the nature of our reality than any one else I can think of right alongside Kyle. Not only have they put the most effort into content and product creating, but they have set the bar and maintained standards where everyone else has either completely crumbled, or been exposed (by them) to be outright shills or agent provocateurs! Sure they are standing on terrific shoulders who have been around for decades, but I know if it wasnt for Renegade University, I would not have developed the modern smarts and confidence in the message regarding reality, I’d be feeling… Read more »

The Bull

Butt Beads and Peg Leg! LOL when Sinead brought that out I cracked up. It’s probably their real code names for each other. Too many red flags for Tabitha, I think you guys made the right call.


OH my gosh made me laugh too.. I thought, Pirates! lol thanks for reminding me of that one lol.

The Bull

Oh Man, Pirates LOL ! I wouldn’t want to be stuck on their ship on the high seas. Now I’m starting to creep my self out, time for happy thoughts.

fukin’ A man, anal beads.. that is just so fucking gross.
Isn’t peg leg some kind of reference for a long penis?

I have always been uncomfortable with all the sex references and ‘jokes’ people make, and especially as the years have gone by the references have become more pornographic and depraved.
What a disgusting world (((they))) enjoy.
We can thank jews for the porn industry.
Great job at making the world totally soul destroying for men, women and children jews!


Yeah, everything is a sex joke online, and people make so many rapey comments and gay jokes it pisses me of so much.
It stinks of some kind of hetero guilt to me.
They want to sound like predatory fags and dykes?
And I also hate how people accept such ‘jokes’, we can’t normalise that and I don’t let them go by.


And the true colors finally show…
comment image


Surplus, what a rat ( sorry to all rats )……..


Basically just an Agony Aunt running a gossip column now. Accuses others of attacking “people in the movement” but spends way more time than anyone else doing that very same thing! I actually gave him the benefit of the doubt until the bust up with Renegade & as per everyone else who hung themselves the true colors were shown for all to see. I remember him distinctly saying several times when he started WTFR that he wasn’t going to be talking about Renegade & was “putting that behind him” but then he spent show after show whining about it & even started up a “Gossip Column” section on his website specifically whinging about Renegade LOL! And although I haven’t really listened to that many of… Read more »


What’s even more strange is that Tabitha contacted him first!

6 Million Kvetches

She will be very careful who she talks to. But I’m wondering if she was being paid to do this (something to with Charlottesville) since that about when she first contacted you or she was just doing it because jews are that dedicated. She was pushing that you were mentally unstable and jealous and all of this and if you had gone crazy last night you would have fed into it. And a lesson about crying Wolf. The conspiratorial side of me wonders if her name was some kind of joke like that. I can understand if you don’t want to dwell on it but I’m really curious if she was put up to it and if so by who. Don’t get discouraged though. I… Read more »

Mary is Kyle

Pretty obvious “Mary” is you, Kyle. Also I’ve caught you up voting comments late at night! hahaha you guys are a joke. It’s a matter of time before your sociopath partner decides to turn on you.


If you were really any good at detective work you would’ve discovered that I live in a different part of the world to these guys for a start Sherlock LOL! Hence your “late at night” is a completely different time to me so any comments I’ve made when you were up in the early hours watching porn was probably my morning or afternoon. And voting? I don’t vote for any politicians so why would i bother with a stupid online comment voting thing? Sounds like you place way too much importance on it sunshine! But hey, it’s soooo obvious I’m Kyle right because I’m sure Kyle & Sinead need to pretend to be other people just to get comments. What we do know for certain… Read more »

Mary is Kyle

So rambling retards are the only people left here

Pretty obvious Mary is Kyle is Tabitha (or maybe Sean, but my money is on Tab’s).
For heavens sakes just make a statement and clear your name and your (((Aryan reputation))), or just move along.
You’ve dug a pretty deep hole after this one, and even if this wasn’t Tabitha, which it sure as hell seems like it is, the whole you’ve dug is pretty deep anyways.


“So rambling retards are the only people left here”

You commented 4 times in the last day & as newdawnrise said “yet here you are”. I guess that makes you a retard too by default. Just go back to your little Gossip Corner & play with your little friends Shaunessa. Leave the real world stuff to the adults while you spend all your time playing little video games & whining & moaning about everyone like the pathetic little bitch you are.

One-Eyed Faust

“What we do know for certain is that anybody can comment here uncensored as you’ve just illustrated while on another site ALL criticism or comments that don’t agree with the host aren’t even published & I’ll bet anything there’s been a ton of those!”

Are you sure about that? This isn’t always the case, at least not in my experience and not always in the experience of people that have criticized this site.

I’ve only heard the effeminate Shaun Surplus speak on his blog and he doesn’t sound 40 to me, more like in his early 20s.


He’s actually stated his own age a few times on his show. But I agree he doesn’t act his age.


So why are you commenting here if you’ve apparently been censored?

“You think you’re so important that Mossad agents are wasting their time here with your 20 followers.”

This site is irrelevant and yet, here you are…

that pussy bitch is pushing the ”Epstein is so obviously dead” line, that it was Killary who had him killed because he was going to spill the beans on all of the evil deeds these ”pieces of doodoo” were doing to ”teenage girls”.
Nevermind the fact that (((they))) are raping little, very young girls and boys, then and now, and that SOB is very obviously not dead!
He goes on and on about this in his brief conversation with mason BB9, right after berating and denigrating the Australian people, talking about how stupid they are over there..
I wish I could chalk it up to irony, but I just can’t think he is that stupid.


Thanks Amber . That answered my question about it being shawn. I wasn’t sure.


Is that shawn surplus? If so wow that was fast

Just goes to show it’s all an op.

Rats only run with other rats.


It’s integrity to be honest and say: “I have red flags.”

It’s integrity to separate from anyone or anything where there is not high trust.

It’s integrity to extend an invitation for Tabitha to “come and explain herself.” Sinead did that, and that is setting the bar at a high place. We have not yet seen Tabitha reach for it here. The invitation stands. It’s her choice if she’ll respond or back away.

On a selfish note… Disgusted by the notion of her eating raw meat, and with the understanding that beyond any blood sacrifice there is a magnificent banquet provided for us by our earth, I just want to scream: 

“The animals want to live – just like we do!!”


Some of the things these commenters type are just weird. I have no idea what they are talking about and it almost seems like robot reasoning. It reminds me of the Kyle Reese comment I left the other day… you know some of these new agers believe there are clones and robots walking among us pretending to be human. Thats what they did to the Kyle Reese character, they kept trying to befriend him and fool him into thinking they were human. With Tabitha saying something like “my fellow humans” … doesn’t that sound like a robot? I mean thats terminator… and the weird food. This worlds a crazy place and who knows whats really going on. Even if its only a metaphor for how… Read more »

Bud K Abbott

Did anybody miss out on the dialog with Callwen where i believe … she had stated that she was a blond ?


Are you sure that wasn’t Callwen? Do you have a time stamp?

Callwen said she was blond, not Tabitha.


She never said she was blonde but she did say her hair was brown. But it looks black to me

Bud K Abbott

Thanks for clarifying that ( guys & gals ) I didn’t have the stomach or energy to try to find the definitive time stamp on that .


According to the 7-11-2019 broadcast (“Blondes’ Eternal Frenemy”), it was Callwen who had blonde hair (7:30).

Miranda stated at the end of the show (1:50:55) that she has light brown hair, and sparse, fair eyebrows which she both tried to dye to a darker color.


Another fraud exposed.

Vive la Renegade.


Jews are “like” cockroaches: they always get in.


I’ve decided to #de-transition (lol) and return the #graffiti #tagline of my youth! Who knows? Maybe someone from my past would be amused that I’ve become more like my graffiti symbol? – I don’t have a car because I’m against extortion and I hardly ever go anywhere anyway. Why pay more? Please pardon my cussing Maam! (People that cuss, getting upset over other people cussing, is something I never fully understood;;) Sorry but I don’t remember exactly where I saw her anti-vinegar comment… Perhaps on one of her show pages? – Out of boredom I often check them to see if a blurbed topic was expanded on. The vinegar topic may have been mentioned on a show. They are a blur to me. The thread… Read more »


I’ll be anything that she contacts Richard and his group of degenerates for a spot on their “line up”.


I just want to say don’t feel foolish or stupid at all. Hurt might be more accurate. We ARE a trusting people and should never allow others to make us regret that strength. Betrayal sucks but we are also tough inside. Tougher than they know. Thank you and Kyle for all you do. You made the right call here. We are all learning and these brushes with the shape shifters help us all to develop more discernment as well as honing our pattern recognition. I’d say these episodes can be of value as training exercises. Carry on!

Ragnar Fan

When I listened to her degenerate broadcast I knew something was up. There’s a difference between covering the degeneracy encroaching on our world and talking about it in a fashion that is gross.

As for Shaun Surplus, he’s a bit of a dickhead. He makes broad assertions such as that how he speaks is how most Australians speak. That is so far from the truth that it is laughable. I’ve only met 1 or 2 people in my life that spoke in the same way he did. He is also into degeneracy, with all his potty humour etc. That could just be how he is though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is afflicted with a small percentage of muh chosen dna.

One of ‘Tabitha’s’ complaint’s against Sinead is that ”she is jealous of a woman who is standing in her power”. I have been dealing with a few liars this week in my personal life, and just thought how, to these kinds of people, ”standing in your power” means being shady, deceptive, and not actually confronting what accusations are levied against you. When ”standing in your power”, it is ok to totally ignore, run, and hide from those who are seeking the truth from you. I would have to say that this is 100% (((backwards behavior))). To me in my mind, ”standing in your power” would equate to not backing down and speaking the truth, no matter the cost. So many of these hippie dippy types… Read more »


Renegade broadcasting is the best Tabetha was 50/50 the axe fell


I listened to about 4-5 of Tabitha’s shows and can’t really say anything except I did notice i) the anti-(cider) vinegar thing (despite eg Jarvis: “Folk Medicine”, et al.) and ii) the promoted rehabilitation of unfermented soya – even though i thought e.g. in Japan that while they eat it, almost invariably it’s the fermented stuff only (…?)
@Sinead can you link to the source that makes you think the blood type diet (Adamo: “Eat Right 4 Your Type” etc) is BS? When I read it a year or two after initial publication in the late ’90s I thought the stuff about lectins and disease disposition made sense – so far a I can remember now that is! tia


I’ll go over this next week.

6 Million Kvetches

So what was the cooking video? Could you email it? I don’t agree with people posting personal info that the person didn’t volunteer when they’re not certain the person was up to anything nefarious. You at least weren’t really doing that here but I don’t think others should have been allowed to. The way you described it seems odd and how renegade was contacted but if renegade is something that is meant for mass appeal and drawing in normies why would you do something that in your words would have made any normal person “say screw this bitch I’m leaving”? You’re saying there that you do try to get people to leave right? Kyle hasn’t said as much in the comments about it would you… Read more »

Please consider having a statement of allowable topics and viewpoints for RB/RT & having background check requirements for anyone on your channel/websites. Even after being accepted, a prefatory “This is what we know so far about this person” description may be useful. It is difficult to keep up with the list of who has now been outed/ostracized/deemed unworthy. Ever since the young woman from Canada was praised then criticized, I have been wary of following those you recommend who may only be temporarily acceptable. The Emotional Drama takes time and attention away from disseminating relevant information and possible solutions to the genocidal dangers White Gentiles deal with. Even though I did not listen to Tabitha’s programs, I read several of her articles posted on RT.… Read more »


“It is sad that she was deemed unacceptable after contributing time and (apparently) money.”
So you think we should allow a woman who was having shabat dinners, celebrating haunukkah and passover in 2015 to just stay on our network because she wrote some articles and sent us $50? I’m not even sure why you listen to this network because last time I checked you were an avid Trump supporter and think the Masons aren’t an issue.

Foster XL

“Please consider having a statement of allowable topics and viewpoints for RB/RT…” Why not just say “Paint a big target on your backs!”. NO you idiot! At the moment with these freaks in positions of power it’s safer to do the opposite & have disclaimers in place. One day when things are set right we’ll be able to publicly state the truth & it will be supported & looked up to. Until then constant tactical skirmishes is the way to go. OR… Seeing as you have all the great ideas for how things should be run please consider starting up your own network. You could even have a statement of allowable topics and viewpoints for it & having background check requirements for anyone on your… Read more »


Renegade stat cards! these could be in the board game lol… how many hits, misses and KO’s… I am just kidding but this reminds me of what that would end up looking like. ohmph. You just have to laugh sometimes.

One-Eyed Faust

What’s the point of bickering with (((mosquitos))) or fools in the comments section? I would only agree with the point they recently made about infighting, but opposing them isn’t infighting when they’re infiltrators. Renegade has plenty of good information to offer, I just don’t agree with the approach.

I think that eventually people will have to bring this out into the streets and attempting to promote your political alternative (despite democracy and MSM being rigged) without betraying your principles or being overly “nazi”.

Hey Elena, it’s wild that for such an outspoken advocate, your Twitter account has existed for over a decade without deletion! Amazing.

“The Emotional Drama takes time and attention away…”

Let’s be real, the drama is the only reason why you show up.

annoying guy

1) I never said Tabitha was paying to be on the network. Please don’t misrepresent my words (my comments were not even posted anyway). My point was that Tabitha was using donations in order to get clout and avoid scrutiny. Classic shill behavior. OK? 2) I never said Tabitha was a shill because she wasn’t vegan. I said she was a shill because she was sycophantically representing her articles as vegan even though she wasn’t one and has never believed in plant based eating. She presented herself in an image that you and Kyle would be happy with even though it was not a true representation of her values. This is why I called her a shill. OK? 3) My belief that the 9/11 psyop… Read more »

6 Million Kvetches

Are you one of my stray tards? If so give me credit. I assumed so at first but I don’t see them typing all of this. You should call Kyle on Saturday and debate him on 9/11 being a hoax. And why anybody saying anybody died is a jew. Talk about that and urine therapy. Cracking open a warm Dos Lindstedt.