Fired Up: Steampunk and Transhumanism (4-16-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the steam punk aesthetic, it’s ties to jews, transhumanism, and how Star Wars is overtly jewish.

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Lotti Von Hesse

These monsters make me sick – they can’t kill and eat giraffes because they don’t know which veins to cut, and that they are endangered, yet, they are on the approved list? They say that kosher slaughter is more humane? Those damn liars! Also, their Talmud teaches that wages owed to the cuthean (goyim) do not have to be paid – that’s why they did not tip you – no tip for you, goyim! Their Klezmer music is the most awful music I have ever heard, besides rap! These people are the terrorists of the world, using their Talmud. They have thousands upon thousands of useless, nit-picky, and evil rules that they use against the “goyim”! It is surprising though, that so many non-jews are… Read more »


Hi Sinead. For a few days I’ve been thinking about your article, “What have you done for us lately?” You encouraged the readers to get beyond the personal comfort zone. I know that is important, and I know there are many doing just that, though others may be unaware of their efforts. Over the days of watching and formulating my thoughts on this I just happened to listen to a past show of Kyle’s where he was speaking with (I believe) Scott Roberts and the topic of activism came up regarding the need for people to do more. Several suggestions were recommended. But what most stood out for me was a comment that Kyle made regarding those who stay low-key or anonymous. He said something… Read more »


Thank you Elizabeth. I also was pondering Sinead’s article for the past 2 days… I felt it was very well timed by her, since I am confronting the threshold of going public at the moment, and still have my doubts (based on what happened the first and last time I published an article – in 2016). Also it seemed to represent something that needed to be addressed atm, representing general vibes in the macro- and microcosm. One thing I often think about (besides the anonymity factor that you address) is the “circle and ellipse”, and MY OWN THOUGHTS in relation to this… I think, that a cosmic law is always in effect, that will come up with the right response for everything, instantaneously. What I… Read more »


Being able to sacrifice a helpless animal does not make one better able to battle. Practice does that. There are 6 million better ways to make our people tough than slitting the throats of some goats. The National Socialists outlawed all sorts of abusive practices toward animals (fox hunting, vivisection, kosher slaughter, etc) and were led by vegetarians (Hitler, Himmler, Hess), yet they were quite capable of brutal warfare. It seems like you are trying to justify or excuse an ancient practice, which was done in a very different time. The sacrificial animals of the past were consumed afterward, and were needed in a time when we did not have access to all the year-round food options of today. Around 150 million animals die per… Read more »


I did not say anything about being physically dangerous/battle. I mean posing a threat to the status quo.
Also I am using the example of animal sacrifice to make my point, I’m not saying it’s something that should be done (it’s pointless since we don’t even know how our ancestors performed such rituals and they would likely be fruitless if we would attempt them now).
Really I’m just using animal sacrifice because I literally heard Sinead talking about it when I just tuned in to the show, and also, because it allows me to *not* specify the dangerous behaviour that I may have been thinking of.


Oh yeah. Yep, yep, yep!! “Being able to sacrifice a helpless animal does not make one better able to battle.” “Being able to sacrifice a helpless animal does not make one better able to battle.” “Being able to sacrifice a helpless animal does not make one better able to battle.” Thanks, Kyle. I remember years back when, for a while, the bald eagle was dwindling in numbers, yet certain Native American tribes believed they had to sacrifice one in order to assure their continuance. I think (on religious grounds) the gov granted them permission of only one per year. Still, I could not understand how taking the life of an innocent bird could foster anything positive. I wrote letters, but it was not a battle… Read more »


Irmin, my point, also was that we just don’t know what people are dealing with. Who’s got stage 4 cancer? Who just lost a child? Who’s been so badly abused that every-day life is so intense for them? And on and on. And some people can handle the spotlight better than others. I say let the best in each be offered in whatever capacity he or she can muster. Some say baby steps lead to giant steps.

Do we refuse a piece of good pie just because it’s not the whole pie? As long as that piece has no poison in it, I accept it gladly.



ps: In case I didn’t express it clearly, my belief is that organized religion is a poison, exercising control while extracting money and sanity from the duped. So as far as I’m concerned it can all go down the drain, and take E.M. Jones with it. But what if a believer told me Mossad did 9/11? See what I mean? A true statement from one who likely has dangerous or deluded religious beliefs.

And some name the enemy of Jewish power and then exalt other enemies. The gate has so many keepers.


Are the the Elizabeth from Gab that wanted to write articles for Heathen Women? I’m going to respond to your comment on a show since it will take me too long to type.


No Sinead, I’m not on Gab or Twitter.



A humorous and informative show!


I never liked the steampunk universe. It doesn’t make sense as a design theme and clashes in aesthetic principle, like green and blue of a gypsies dress. Its one of those things that is possible in terms of being able to do it, however it exemplifies the adage of: just because one CAN, doesn’t mean one SHOULD. It is to me an example of just throwing things together because of a lack of imagination. Great set.

Tim Horton and McDonald’s has restricted access to your site but the library hasn’t so now I must listen to see why with three back to back shows. Sarcasm is not the best form of humour but your intentions are always taken well. Left something for lurmann but he doesn’t acknowledge time to disclose the clowns in police uniforms in my next rant


So you came here to promote Mami’s Shit and Davis Lurman? You opened your “rant” with how we need to send money to Lurman.