Fired Up: Stephen Flowers – Another Pedo Priest Masquerading as a Heathen Hero? (1-1-20)

Sinead talks about how Edred Thorsson was once one of Michael Aquino’s minions in the Temple of Set, whilst the Presidio child rape scandal was taking place, and how he has still been welcomed by “heathens” today.

Video version:

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2 years ago

The reason the media has not reported on Satanic Ritual Abuse is because it seems similar to the medieval Blood Libel accusations where Jews were accused of abducting and ritually murdering Gentile children.

Any satanic aspect to the satanic ritual abuse may actually be designed to conceal from gentile participants the jewish nature of that abuse, because any jewish crime organizations which abuse children probably have gentile henchman involved too.

Unfortunately in America we have a lot of gentiles who are very morally depraved, some of whom are White, and the entertainment media and drug culture can condition Whites to become morally depraved and criminal.

1 year ago

[…] check out Sinead’s expose on Stephen Flowers (another pedo occultist that hasn’t been exposed enough), which elaborates […]

1 year ago

Carolyn Emmerick has made a video responding to this podcast. Apparently you’ve been chasing her around for 3 years. I can’t tell if she begging for Sinead’s acceptance or trying to rebuke this podcast. Out of all the things to rebuke, this really? Sick. Haven’t been around renegade in awhile but glad to see you all are still going strong.

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