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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

This is very sad. The (((market))) is turning, what should be, a natural and beautiful experience into no more than an Amazon “click and pay” fast-brood transaction, where you return “the goods” if not completely satisfied.

These poor souls will be future organ donors or sex/sacrifice victims, and just one more facet of White genocide. Who are going to protect these children and young adults?

PS Thanks Sinead, and you all stay safe.

2 years ago

I have had this though, why is Ukraine doing so poorly? It is the largest country in Europe, is 95%+ white, 42M people, I mean this is potentially a power house. Yet, the the average wage is like 3.6k PA, where the surrounding of former soviet block make much more. Czech rep. 25k, Poland 27k, Slovakia 24k, Hungary 22k. I assume the same level of jewish control in each country, so why the disparity? And then a thought came to me, could it be the result of the bolshevik genocide? I know the Poland lost 1000’s of the best and the brightest at Katyn forest, but Ukraine’s intelligentsia was pretty much wiped out in 20’s and 30’s. What we see today is just a shadow… Read more »

Reply to  Slavik
2 years ago

I would say that Ukraine and America are in a similar boat. Most Americans are poor, with an incredibly alarming amount of whites being homeless. More and more get closer to living on the street as the days go by, the economy sinks deeper, and the ”minoritites” who are actually majorities in many cities get the higher paying jobs and ‘diversity’/affirmative action hire’s. Enter the word homeless on the jewtube search bar.. the list of recommendations is endless, and heartbreaking. I do believe that America lost some of her best men during WWII, and whoever lived through that era somewhat unscathed has had their son’s enter the meat grinder with the Korean war, Vietnam, and the constant presence in the middle east protecting Israel since… Read more »

Reply to  Amber
2 years ago

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to lessen the nightmare that the Ukranian people are in, and I am thankful that Sinead is bringing up this issue. In all honesty, I haven’t made the time to listen to the show from beginning to end, because I am one of those women who desperately desires to have children, but so far, have not been able to, and if I could adopt children without going through ZOG, I would. The cover picture alone breaks my heart, and ever since I entered my twenties, I have always teared up at the sight of my friends with their newborns, not out of jealousy, but because I just love children so much, and for reasons known and unknown, I… Read more »

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