Fired Up: The Black Dahlia Murder (4-23-19)

Tonight Sinead covers the murder of Elizabeth Short, known to most people as The Black Dahlia. Elizabeth was a beautiful young White woman, and an aspiring actress. Ritualistically murdered at the hands of a jewish abortionist, she is said to have been preparing to go public about the jewish mafia and their crimes.

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It amazes me how people allow hollywood (via their jewish propaganda) to “teach” them things (history, true crime, political theater, etc), yet they don’t recognize that the jew is showing viewers exactly what the jew is.


Even if she was sexually promiscuous, that assertion does not give ANYONE a right to murder her. An assertion like that works with terribly inhibited, “evangelical” Americans to imply she was a “loose” woman, which means to them that she deserved her fate. Remember we are dealing with Americans who are descended from religious zealots, who have been slaughtering people since the so-called Puritans first invaded, “Turtle Island”. 225 years of Warring on minorities,or those they consider INFERIOR, in one way or another, for over 225 years. THAT has an effect for many generations, of Americans. In my opinion, she was a Psychopathic MOB ( Zionist ?) hit, for sure,as I have followed her case for about 2 years now, including this Blog Most psychopaths… Read more »


I notice “the black dahlia” is said to have been drained of blood. This reminds me of kosher slaughter techniques where the animal is drained of blood because meat with blood in it is not kosher. The other victims of ritual murders that jews are blamed for also are said to have been drained of blood. The only community that would know how to do this is the jewish community because they routinely drain blood from meat for kosher reasons. The jewish community tries to ridicule the claims that they have done these sort of things by bringing up the rumor that the blood is used in matzo. But that rumor has nothing to do with the actual forensics of the crime and that rumor… Read more »


Thanks for that, some very good points. I am going to look into some of the things you have brought up. The level of evil subhuman behaviour of these Jews never ceases to amaze me!


For me also I wouldn’t have known the truth about AH or NS if it wasn’t for Jim How videos. It was as early as 2012 where he put up those videos, nobody else at that time had even been awakened and mostly still being programmed to daily brainwashing of either hollywood or music industry. He’s called himself a slob, and explained many times the reason why he’s like that. He had his daughters taken away by his psycho abusive ex-wife and had to pay for it. How would you feel if you had children taken away from you. He’s criticised american women, aren’t the points he made valid though? American women are probably a lot more greedy and promiscuous than any other country in… Read more »

Foster XL

I don’t know how old you are but there was actually many, many people talking about these things way before 2012 dude! You say “It was as early as 2012 where he put up those videos, nobody else at that time had even been awakened…” You need to wake up buddy! There were heaps of people “awakened” then – 9/11 was already 11 years behind us plus heaps of people were already aware of the jewish influence in politics, the holohoax, etc, etc way before 9/11 so I’m just gonna say it straight – GTFO of here with your absolute bullshit you ignoramus! How do you know Jim How didn’t just plagiarize all those before him & just happened to get exposure with their stuff… Read more »


I think people like Alex Jones (who he exposed), Mcinnes, Yiannopoulos, Cernovich and all the rest of them, were a lot more destructive than Jim How ever was no matter how imperfect he was, at least he wasn’t afraid to talk about these things whereas most people prefer to stick their head in the sand.

Again I never actually agreed every views he had, just only was interesting to see his perspective on things.

It’s stupid to infight literally everyone even though they’ve been saying exactly the same things and exposed the 9/11, holyhoax and all the rest.

Jim How is not “in” with us so we’re not infighting. That fat slob is a bitter MGTOW.

Take your Jim How fan club somewhere else. This show had nothing to do with that fat slob. It was about the gruesome murder of a White woman at the hands of a jew.


Ok, I’m sorry if you felt like I hijacked your comment section. Maybe it felt to you like I’m some agent in an israeli offices like in that picture. But I’m neither that or a fan of Jim really. I only thought information he gathered about arsons going on in the US was interesting and revelavant to the topic. And at one point he was the only one talking about the real NS and AH so it was interesting. while everybody else would be misleading everyone about the globalist nazis. But Jim wasn’t necessarily a good image for revealing the truth I agree I won’t interfere in here with anything anymore. All the best to you and your work. I don’t understand why you have… Read more »

You’ve been banging on about Jim How in every comments section when it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed.


That’s only because I’m not aware of how the notification even works on the platform and not even sure if sometimes people see the message especially if posted in the old topics but please forget about anything now I won’t bother you anymore. I thought someone could be interested in arson of the US and the other guy Ragnar responded to me to my surprise and I simply replied to him, that’s all. So just forget about anything and please don’t hold any grudge or friction anymore, I appreciate all your work and I also said that you can delete all my posts.