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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Another excellent expose’, Sinead. This sounds like the Australian version of NVIXM, in the States. Rape and abuse children, divide the genders and steal wealth from the gullible. How jew-suprem of them!

I’ve just read they have headquarters in Britain, and even hired a firm, Phoenix Global, to get jewgle to take down “unflattering” articles about them. From private prisons, behavioral schools like yours, to mini cults. They have a horror centre of every size and taste. Another thing: where are the parents of these young girl victims? They are failing in their duty and responsibilities, big time!

PS Don’t gum to the UK. The (((dental profession))) have ruined our, once natural, faces. Fangs jews!!

3 years ago

Great show, Sinead. I really enjoyed it!

Tabitha Wolfram
3 years ago

Interesting show Sinead. I have heard many stories over the years of “energy healing” charlatans. How low must someone be to prey on children and abuse survivors. I suspect this scumbag is stealing Kundalini energy from the people he victimizes rendering him a psychic/emotional vampire.

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