Fired Up: The Hare Krishna Cult (4-9-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the Hare Krishna cult and the sinister activities they were engaged in.

Closing song: ‘In The Long Run’ by The Staves

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Anthony Roberts

These kosher kults prey on our 13-21 yr olds. With seemingly no family, culture or future, our young are easy pickings. This is why we need to keep our children away from their schools and also wandering around the “diverse” town/city centres. Teach them our ways and bring back the Hitler youth, i say.


Some wonder why anyone would join a cult.
I’d say you hit the nail on the head:
loneliness and want of connecting with others A/K/A friends.


Great show, Sinead. I’ve always suspected that they were a nefarious group but nothing like this. Definitely some food for thought. Now I have something else to occupy my time with researching.


On Hare Krishna:

I wanted to mention this content creator from Scotland, who is a Hare Krishna follower (albeit critical of the ISKCON organization): (banned from Youtube)

I thought he actually did pretty good work (that 3 hour documentary on circumcision for example, judging the parts I saw of it), but I have to wonder now.
I always thought he seemed like such a clown with his stupid Indian music and weird religious attire, but maybe it goes deeper and he truly is brain damaged by this cult.

I still need to listen to your show…

I talk about Mkunda Dasa in this show.


Okay I’m reaching out Sinead, I would value your perspective in some sort of live chat even through my tube channel or even through unseen or open to suggestions. Regarding regarding cults, I’m starting to view some folkish ‘sorry, volkish’ as some. It has been bugging me for a while, putting my finger on why hasnt been quite clear because of lacking a conclusion drawn as to why beyond run of the mill diversion. I think it is more than that and that it is an attempt to reset whites into a previous village idiot ‘hive mind’ society where Abrahamism is still practiced but in the guise of ‘Pagan’. It is annoying from a witches point of view because real paganism is to be protected,… Read more »

My e mail is


Thankyou, much appreciated, will shoot you my email today and details, will take it from there, Nance.

Red Fox

Apologies for sort of butting in but I agree with what you have said here. This is precisely what has turned me away from a certain (now called) Nordfolc channel. Much talk of hive minds and “tiers” or so called caste functions. Somewhat unsurprisingly the Nordfolcist sees herself as “Brahmin” class-who would have guessed. I’m now an old geezer so I think my b/s radar is pretty accurate these days even if it does take awhile to kick in!
In the past I have tried to engage with her in respect of certain ill informed utterances with regard to English witchcraft but it is quite obvious that it is intolerable that a “follower” would be better informed than her. Cheers!


Not butting in 🙂 and thankyou, Red Fox.
It is nice to know it is not just my radar blipping for the very same reasons you mentioned. The person could be genuine but I don’t know (hence my reaching out to Sinead – she knows what is happening on the scene more than I do – my area is wise craft itself). Re the group, in the least to talk of something that one themselves isn’t, without getting information from those who actually are isn’t just ignorant. It ends up demonizing (to pinch an christarded term) white people especially women and the latter just based on public perception of rightly or wrongly, of what a witch actually is or represents. Nance.


*demonizing for the sake of demonizing regardless of rightly or wrongly so*


Just a lil’ coincidence for you: I had been meaning to comment on the last Firestarter about jews in India (towards the end you had asked if people knew more about this topic), but I lost my notes. It was about my recent discovery of the “Gujarati” people through 2 Ted talks. I had looked up the speakers first thing, and both turned out to be descended from these “Gujaratis”. What are the chances!? To top it off: I was just checking out the new video by Truthstream Media, and right at the beginning, one of these Ted talks is mentioned! So now I found my notes again (because I could simply search the one guy’s name). Here are the two Gujarati dudes and… Read more »


Hey, could you clear the above comment? (I spent quite a while putting it together)
Or let me know what’s wrong with it, in case it was held back on purpose! (please)

Velshi is married to a jew, surname “Wachs” who apparently majored in finance and “east asian studies” — oh gee, how convenient. Now, I know nothing of this topic but a quick search has, IMO, yielded some more interesting connections as found in this article: “Why Gujaratis may be the most successful people in business in the world” “Everywhere, Gujaratis are to be found running businesses, from corner shops to hotels, from tech start-ups to some of the world’s largest conglomerates. Like the Jews, Chinese, English, Scots and Lebanese, they have come to form an impressive global commercial network.” Interesting company, although I’m unaware of the Lebanese being as represented as much as the other groups. My guess is those “Lebanese” are cryptos. “In… Read more »


Yeah, interesting info!
I figured it would be worth looking into just from the vibes I was getting from these people. The Wikipedia page itself (which I haven’t read through) has a section called “Diaspora”…Huuh???

Sounds strangely familiar I agree…

Yeah. I’d be interested if there are any thorough studies out there on this. Seems to be quite good instincts on your part.

Lotti Von Hesse

That is so interesting – when I lived near a bunch of Sub continent Indian people, alot of them were from Gujarat, and had very impressive jobs! They were the lighter skinned Indians, and the married women wore alot of gold! And yes, Idi Amin kicked them out! You wrote a very interesting commnet, thank you.


Great show – I enjoy these cult/new age exposures. I’ve seen many hare krishnas in Union Square and even in San Fagcisco’s Haight district while on vacation. I’m thinking they wear orange to pevert and repress the sacral chakra. Any tradition that advocates shaving the head (like buddhists monks do) has to with control and subduing a person. I have read that buddhist monks keep a certain diet (tons of tofu and cucumbers) deliberately to cool off the sexual organs to encourage celibacy.


@ Tabitha – I eat a fair amount of tofu, and ton of cucumbers, and they’re definitely not cooling off my sexual organs.


Bikram Yoga is another Indian cult that my mother was a part of. The Founder was convicted for several cases of rape. Shows again, the quality of people in these 3rd world countries.

Jesus is Satan

Christianity is a Satanic pedophile mind-control cult.


ISKCON has been seriously compromised for many years, ever since the poisoning to death of Prabhupada with arsenic by several of his seniormost devotees, and 7 out of 11 of those were actually of Jewish extraction. I read many different books from different disciplic successions and religious approaches outside ISKCON. I love the ancient Vedic books like Sri Brahma Samhita which are pure descriptions of the creation process, and of the actual features of the eternal spiritual world that do not contain any religious rules and restrictions, that are suitable for readers from any religion or philosophical persuasion, they are of the more spiritually ‘scientific’ type, though imbued with great spiritual devotion, that I can really get into, as the harsh stuff just turns my… Read more »

No one is reading a comment that long, bro.


You’re welcome for the references and inspiration douche bag, which no one noticed, as they were so busy arguing and talking about off topic subjects such as government sponsored veganism.
The Krishnas are as about authentic as you are, which is not at all.
You are really good agents.


Why do you even bother to comment let alone continue to lurk here? You just sound like a very bitter & confused old lady & I feel sorry for you.


Narcissism. That’s why.


Someone obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Why so angry?