Fired Up: The Importance of Iodine (1-30-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the importance of iodine (buy from Heathen Herbs), signs of iodine deficiency, how to use nascent iodine to remedy deficiencies, and closes with a brief talk about the importance of magnesium.

Closing song: ‘Ever Present’ by Phaction

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More important than anything Stormfront oops I meant ZOGfront talks about. Thanks for the show!


Stormfront banned me for calling trumptards retards for defending circumcision, lol


Docturds who circumcise should be executed.
They’ve gotta know what horror they’re putting the boys through, c’mon – but foreskins go for several hundred a pop, not counting the cost of the “operation” itself. Gotta pay off that new benz or beemer… 😒

Tabitha Wolfram

Vital information thanks Sinead. In regards to iodized salt, I believe it is unnessary. The shittiest type of salt is used to make iodized salt plus anti-caking aluminum compounds are added. Iodized salt was first sold in the United States in 1924 in efforts to thwart goiter, an issue plaguing the country’s “goiter belt” – stretching from the areas surrounding the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. Of course kosher salt is the most disgusting and least healthy type. I keep a wide array of sea salts on hand everything from Celtic, to pink, black, red, gray, blue and some infused salts as well. Another plant based source of iodine is prunes, although they are not nearly as high in iodine as seaweed. I’m headed… Read more »


Thank you Tabitha!


Thank you for all the good information on Iodine. I was already taking the nadcent stuff occasionally, but I feel more confident now after hearing the show. (I think it was actually an article from the Tribune that first turned me on to it.)
I gotta be very careful with supplements (for example I also have magnesium oil, but feel like I can’t use it yet). It seems like the Iodine was exactly what I needed.
Also I wanted to mention the magnesium oil I have, in case you hadn’t heard of the brand: Zechsal from the Netherlands – they claim it’s natural, pure mg chloride from deep in the ground.. Very powerful stuff.

Anthony Roberts

Thanks for doing the research and passing on this vital info. Being deficient in attention myself, did you say what your supplier uses to make their nascent iodine? Is it sea creature friendly? Cheers.

It’s vegan, and GMO free.


As a side note, 2 cups of milk per day will give you 100% amount of iodine your body needs.