Fired Up: The Omega Institute – Esalen of The East Coast (10-1-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the unknown twin of the Esalen Institute. The Omega Institute pushes White genocide and jewish ideologies under the guise of “spiritual enlightenment”. Once a Yiddish summer camp, the campus now hosts over priced workshops and networking opportunities for scum bags. Closing song: ‘Leave The Lights On’ by Meiko (Krot remix)

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Sinead, check out the eyes on this Alex Grey’s DMT art… its very similar to that eye you are talking about too. I guess he gets high on DMT and draws this stuff, the temple they want to build reminds me of Epsteins temple.comment image

Anthony Roberts

This sounds very much like phase two of the 1960’s hippy/drug psy-op, with the Tavistock-created Beatles going off to India to “find themselves.” Many of our brightest minds will be tricked into going down these routes, decades on with disasterous consequences.

These two (((spiritual))) centres appear set-up to trap wealthy Whites, and teach them to “love” every other race and culture, except their own. It’s profit, White genocide, and sex opportunities for jews.

PS Great research Sinead – thank you! I know nothing about christinsanity, but i have heard of Shaker design language, which is austere and minimal. Could that be the same group?

Steve the bicyclist

I’ve spent a lot of time around hippy’s and there was always a jew among them! They seem to present themselves as “enlightened” and quite often arr surrounded by fools. Keep in mind I noticed this long before becoming jewise! They bragged about being jews. They were almost always creepy. Always some kind of gimmick to set themself apart. One liked to dress up in recycled potato chip bags and roller skate! One looked and acted like an Indian (feather not dot) and slept with an ak under his mat inside his teepee! Yet another was openly gay and always had a shoeless dude from the city on his country farm with crushed rock roads! (My neighbor once asked me if I had any spare… Read more »

6 Million Kvetches

Sinead you guys were right about this manlet Shaun. I missed your show to listen to my buddy Major Hicks called Tabitha and I wanted to catch it. He’s a pretty solid bro. Probably one of his best calls and he edited him out. He doesn’t like anyone outshining him on his own website. Last time I miss one of your shows for that. I’m listening now. Keep up the good work.


We don’t want anything to do w this Major Hicks guy. I don’t know how much more clear we can be about it.


But he’s a “pretty solid bro” according to this flatterer…Surely that must count for something xD

6 Million Kvetches

I’m sorry. I had no idea you guys felt that way. Apologies to Shaun though. I thought he was censoring Major Hicks, but he and Tabitha were still very rude to him. And Major Hicks is someone I hold in high esteem. They seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. I guess Shaun thought he was trolling him, but I hope to clear the air. Either way I have it on good authority that this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of Major Hicks on tctaunleashed.


I’m really surprised your not banned yet.
Your comments are almost always retarding, like your buddy.