Fired Up: The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse (2-12-19)

Tonight Sinead reads from Tracy Twyman’s new e-book ‘The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse’

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Wow, I didn’t know that about Sinatra, although I cannot say that it came as a total surprise. Seems no one can reach a high position in our modern day (((corrupted))) society without selling their soul and plenty of blackmail material to be held over them.

A classic documentary about rats/mice and the corrosive effects that vermin have on a healthy society. If you have not already seen it, it’s well worth a watch: Der Ewige Jude


Directed by Mr. Stanley Kubrick.
*Sorry one comment to high..


I am only 25 minutes through the show, but this reminds me— When I was watching ‘Full Metal Jacket’ a while ago, I thought it was strange & out of place that the troops at the end of the movie were singing the Mickey mouse club theme song. It makes a lot more sense now—

Yes! I am going to cover this on the next Fired Up.


Rowan Farrow— the son of Mia Farrow & Woody “putty-faced-jew” Allen & definitely NOT the son of Mia Farrow & Frank Sinatra:

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Are you sure? He seems to look like Sinatra in that picture and is way too handsome to be Woody Allen’s son (which isn’t a very high standard to start from.)


Directed by Mr. Stanley Kubrick.

Anthony Roberts

Fifty year old Sinatra married “Rosemary” actress, Mia Farrow, when she was twenty-one. Totally normal, ahem! She then went on to have a relationship with alleged protected hollywood child rapist, Woody Allen. Fascinating stuff Sinead. I would like to hear more on these bizarre (to us) connections.

PS Why is “The Mousetrap,” an obscure Agatha Christie whodunnit, the longest running play in history? (((Mickey))) knows.

The Bull

I do not recommend his life style, but Burkwoski’s widow in an interview stated how he hated the ” soulless three fingered freak Mickey Mouse” and hadn’t any admiration of Disney.
The widow peak thing reminded me of the band The Misfits. They use to sport a hair style they called the devil lock which was an exaggerated widows peaks. There’s my obscure two cents.

Tabitha Wolfram

Great show Sinead this information connected a lot of dots for me too. I was a fan of Deadmau5 a few years back when I was exploring psychedelic music. The red and white colors of Minnie Mouse and Santa Claus are directly tied to the amanita muscaria mushroom. The Smurfs also live in mushroom houses that are cartoonized versions of the amanita muscaria.
The Disney movie Fantasia (1940) has to be one of the creepiest films. I remember watching it as a child and being horrified by it, but enjoying the classicial music.


Sorry, lil late to the game here, but yes please, more please. You nailed it, dot connector extraordinaire! I always hated Sinatra, could never figure out what the big deal was. And SDJr ? Seriously, did he do a single memorable song of his own? A lost little “Token” to make the rat pack psy-op accessible to the black folk. Loved Deano though, only one of them that had any real talent. They needed him to give the rest of them any credibility.(IMO) So the thought was that Frank had something to do with Dean’s sons’ death, -wow. Maybe he was trying to opt out? So I remember finding this Tracy Twyman years ago and having some big questions as well. This stuff seems pretty… Read more »