Fired Up: The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse Concluded (3-5-19)

Sinead concludes her reading of The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse which discusses The Beatles, The Process Church, ritual sacrifice and more.
Closing song: ‘We Will Rise Again’ by Dan Romer Feat. Meredith Godreau (Far Cry 5 Cover)

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Concerning movies, almost every horror/freak/gore film made is financed by jewish money and has jew writers, jew directors and actors. People that enjoy horror flicks frankly weird me out. Should be classified as a mental illness.


I have felt the same way.Especially those that super gory and bloody.


The last horror movie I saw was Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was in my senior year of highschool. My friend and I ran to her car terrified both regretful that we had even thought to see it. Every loud noise terrified us and for weeks it seemed like there was a psycho firing up a chainsaw behind every building. I closed my eyes for at least half of the movie, and think we might have even left early I was so traumatized. That movie scarred my psyche for awhile. I’ve thought quite a bit about the ”horror movie” genre and concluded probably ten or so years ago that, if ”actors” are portraying it for a ”film”, and some psychopath wrote the ”script”, the inspiration… Read more »


Thank you, Amber, for your post. Yes, they are slowly forming the mass mind to their own image.


If the world were shown what those (((psychopaths))) have done and continually do; rest assured, sympathy for them worldwide would quickly evaporate. Once the JWO lose control of all NATO and EU countries, one would only have to kick the door in and the whole rotting structure known as the NWO would come crashing down. Most of the world would thus be free of jewish control with the exception of Russia, China and a few other countries here and there. I personally think that India would also break free from jewish tyranny and join up against (((them))) alongside most of the world in a 2nd or 3rd Cold War that would this time actually be real, unlike the 1st and possibly a 2nd “cold war”… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

I have never been a fan of horror movies and was not allowed to watch them growing up as my family believed that “they were bad for my soul.” As an adult, I’ve had various friends throughout my life who have tried to get me to watch them, but I always ended up turning it off or covering my eyes. Same goes for haunted houses. I went to one years back (dressed as Minnie Mouse) and refused to look up the entire time. I especially loathe gore. From my observations, this sick stuff functions as a type of pornography for them.


Wise parents you had Tabitha, and I think they were right. As an early teenager, I remember watching The Exorcist in my mom’s bed one summer day because I thought it was some kind of ‘rite of passage’. The notion perpetuated around me at the time was that if you could get through watching it, somehow you were braver for having seen it, like you could be a grown up all of the sudden. I probably closed my eyes through most of it, but I remember I hated it and was disappointed that I wasted a perfectly sunny day inside scaring myself. My mom knew what I was doing and I guess she thought the same, like I was ”almost a grown up” and could… Read more »

Foster XL

I’m pretty much onboard with that opinion. The movie market has been absolutely flooded with horror flicks the last few years & the majority of them look to be small budget D-Grade garbage. I just noticed this new release which is supposed to be a “comedy” horror with Simon Pegg, Margot Robbie & Asa Butterfield called “Slaughterhouse Rulez”. Title could even tie in to the earlier discussions on the meat industry & I’d say there’s definite references to child torture, rape & murder here. Here’s the synopsis – “An illustrious British boarding school (Slaughterhouse School) becomes a bloody battleground when a mysterious sinkhole appears at a nearby fracking site unleashing unspeakable horror.” In the trailer you’ll see the sign outside the school has a Latin… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

In Britain there was a popular film franchise called “Carry On,” and this seems a wordplay on carrion – rotting flesh. The Beatles would have mixed with all those b-list “actors.”

The films were seen as “family friendly” and full of bawdy humour; but were obviously used to spell us into accepting degeneracy, and destroying White society.

PS Thanks Sinead – very interesting info. I think you are correct about Ms Twyman. By “spilling the beans,” her life as a mason would be in danger. No, this is about their sick version of karma, and offloading. Revelation of the method.


Moon Child makes me think of Anna Nichole Smith and her daughter DannieLynn.. that was one serious nightmare that was on every cover and headline for awhile, like they were putting it all out there for everyone to see. I remember reading somewhere about how ”they were trying to make a Moon Child” through Anna. Anna Nicole Smith was touted as the ‘new Marilyn’, and even looked like her, and dressed like her on occasion. There is footage of her online where she is on who knows what kind of drugs with her face painted like a clown that is deeply distrubing. She is sitting with her daughter and the jew lawyer that most likely killed her (who’s name I forget).. Her death was super… Read more »


In this MSM clip, they are interviewing the now 19year old girl who 10 years prior painted on the clown makeup in that infamous clip of a drugged up pregnant Anna Nicole Smith..

Great series, Sinead. The entire culture and everything we’ve been led to believe was okay needs to be uprooted and destroyed. It’s astonishing how sick and venal seemingly everything is when these connections come full circle. Yet, at the same time, I don’t personally feel demoralized hearing this information. Just makes the need to turn the tables all the more crucial. *I’ve seen 120 Days of Sodom as well. Total garbage, not surprising that it was directed by a gay commie. *The Tibetan Book of the Dead appears in a few different films, as far as I know. One being Enter The Void by Gaspar Noe (a big fan of Pasolini and Salo in particular) in which DMT (the synthetic form of Ayahuasca) plays a… Read more »


Very revelatory, creepy and infuriating (to me) regarding the Beatles as a tool. This shite affected me deeply, the derealization – strawberry fields’ ‘nothing is real’ and dark (((satanic))) resonance of some of the songs on the white album, Helter Skelter / number 9, – Back in USSR (on way to merging two after manufactured conflicts). Even the forensically proven swap out of Sir Faul could’ve been part of this mega spell, so you don’t believe your lying eyes. And the death of the innocent love songsters, and the ascent of evil, drug promoting (manson family) hippies. Bringing it out – what happens next? I say we reset culture and study this (as you’re doing so well) to know why it happened, so it never… Read more »


Here is a short video on adrenochrome –

Foster XL

Sinead, when talking about Alice In Wonderland there was reference to “gravy”. I can only assume you already know the possible meaning of this but chose to leave out the gory detail as it’s pretty gross & disgusting. Would definitely be a thing those degenerates would include though. Those who knew of the Celtic Rebel would know he used to talk about this subject a lot more than any normal person should!

John from NC

Before Renegade and even before Oracle, the first time I ever heard Kyle do a radio show was on Blog Talk radio doing an interview with Tracy Twyman.


Sinéad mentioned this during these readings.

And then shortly after that her husband died. It was all so strange.

John from NC

Also around that time, before he died, they were “communicating” with baphomet… good times.


A little late to join the discussion on this one, But I thought it was interesting that Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain decided to name their daughter Frances “Bean” Cobain. Named also after Frances Farmer who was also abused by the Hollywood elite. Also interesting how Kurt & Courtney basically let their hired nannies raise Frances as soon as she was born.