Fired Up: The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse – Part 3 (2-26-19)

Tonight Sinead continues reading Tracy Twyman’s e-book ‘The Secret of Minnie’s Mousse’.  This part of the book covers The Process Church, The Four Pi movement, the Circe Order of Dog Blood, The Manson Family and more.
Closing song: ‘Original’ by Left Field

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Anthony Roberts

Knowing what we know about masonic vengeance for breaking the code, we must assume that Ms Twyman has the full approval of her handlers to release all these connections. They must want this info out there.

Elton John, who is a high ranking member of the (((establishment))) here, co-wrote a song “Candle In the Wind,” regarding the death of Marilyn. Eerily, he changed the lyric “Goodbye Norma Jean” to “Goodbye England’s rose,” when he sang the song for the last time, at Lady Di’s funeral. Was this yet another nod, to a ritual and (((political))) sacrifice?

PS Each week’s reading gets more intriguing, Sinead. We have “dual” plot lines, with the mysterious Ms Twyman herself, and her research.

I get even deeper into her seedy connections to Boyd Rice in this Friday’s Firestarter. Thank you Anthony!

Tabitha Wolfram

I used to watch Family Guy, which I now consider one of the sickest and most degenerate cartoons ever made. I remembered these two mouse/rat clips from the show:
Family Guy Minnie Mouse
Family Guy Rat Farm
And while I was searching for these, this disgusting video popped up:
Prostitute Mickey

I recall seeing the “Glasgow smile” referenced in Green Street Hooligans in which two Black hooligans attack Elijah Wood’s character. Take from that what you will. Also, the main character of Ichi The Killer displays scars reminiscent of that.

Peter Christopherson was also nicknamed “Sleazy”. I remember seeing an interview with a band called The Mars Volta in which they basically outed him as a child predator who was fond of hypnosis.

And the interviewer makes a connection with Timothy Leary. Of course, these faggots still think they’re all totally cool regardless.


Tracy Twyman founded the satanic cult Ordo Lapsit Exillis. I guess the expression “It takes one to know one also applies to devil worshipers. It’s been informative to hear Sineads reading of this e-book. Twyman certainly seem to have a very interesting special insight into this sick stuff, but obviously has an agenda for coming out with all of this. Sharon Tates father being military intelligence explains a lot. I am not advocating violence but carpet-bombing Hollywood would not necessarily be a bad thing.

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Yup! I am covering this in my show tonight.


These connections with Mickey/Minnie Mouse and poison are very fascinating, and something I’ve never heard of before. I looked through some music videos known to contain a lot of occult symbology, and sure enough, I found an overt reference. The video for ‘Paparazzi’ by ‘Lady Gaga’ contains a scene in which she mixes poison into a drink that she uses to kill her boyfriend. Note her choice of outfit:comment image


I came across this while reading the news. This creepy figure with a distorted smile is directed towards young children telling them to self-harm. WTF is wrong with some people?


I am very much enjoying the e-book Sinead and would love for you to continue with it. The link has do with a CBS adaptation of both Through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland that were both telecast on consecutive nights in December of 1985. I was in middle school at the time and for three or four days, it seems, we were subjected to these two programmes once in the morning and once in the afternoon, no one was excepted and it down in lieu of a couple our regular classes. It must have been nationwide as they were study guides and discussion guides for teachers.

Tabitha Wolfram

When I was in my 20’s I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland and Minnie Mouse for two Halloweens. Now I cringe knowing the real story behind these characters.

What happened to the Black Dahlia is a story I have been familiar with for many years, and it reeks of (((ritual murder)))
Here a fat slob is recreating the heinous murder of Elizabeth Short for others to do for Halloween:

And lastly, there is an absoultely vile trend in pornography called “rosebudding.” I will spare anyone reading this the description of what it entails. To the Celts, the rose symbolizes the sturdy, self reliance and beauty of Irish woman. Of course like everything the jew touches, it gets twisted and inverted.


the action of draining a person, animal, or organ of blood.
“regional anesthesia with exsanguination of the limb”
severe loss of blood.
“no patient died from immediate exsanguination”

Sinead this is the word you were having trouble trying to pronounce.


A part of the agenda in releasing all of this information and the connections has to be an effort to steer people in a certain direction.. where it’s going, does anybody know? In my teens I used to think that I identified with Alice. During my elementary school years (ages 6-11), the Disney channel had a live action tv show called ”The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” on every week day at 3:30pm. That was exactly the time I came home from school each day. I don’t think I missed one episode. I always looked forward to the next show, even if it was a repeat.. I even remember being disappointed that it wasn’t on over the weekends. The weirdness of it all, the fantasy,… Read more »


Ugly Jewth reposted your video for some reason:

These people are obsessed. Very weird.


Oh good! I was wondering where I might find that! Is there any other place besides that filthy kikes?



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