Fired Up: The Shomrim Shoah (7-9-19)

Sinead discusses the jewish “police” force known as Shomrim, mitzah tanks, and jewish extortion rackets.

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Yep they have their own ambulance to save their own… they do not allow any one to touch them but their own hospital. They will die if they have to if there is an emergency. Thats what I hear from friends that have seen them with broken arms etc they will fight an ambulance driver that is not their own and refuse help and spit on them.

Doug Provenzano

Fanatics…all of them!


When I was 12 someone tried to abduct me. I started screaming really loud and got away as fas as I could. Looking back on it the person who tried to do that looked like a sweaty jew with oily hair. And they did have one of those vans mentioned in this podcast across the street when they tried to do it. The fact that jews have a no snitching policy means its possible for certain criminal cultures to exist within the jewish community that are much more evil than the average jew. I do think there are jewish people who have been abducting children, I don’t think its all jews. But its enough to where people should not raise children near jewish communities and… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

NYPD jew or CSI: New York – Criminal shomrim investigation? All with a touch of gay’s anatomy thrown in for good measure. Fat sweaty jews sat in their patrol winnebagel, eating k-osher k-rispy k-remes and drinking corfee. I bet their chief back at the syntion is a black, firm but kind former rocket scientist, turned good jewish family man, too. “9-11 everyday guys – let’s herd those cattle.” Classic jewish supremacist dupe. Extort funds from taxpaying Whites, hide their criminal and deviant lifestyle, and perpetuate the victim psy-op. Look, when the mayor, local gov’t and federal gov’t are jewish, only they have the right to justice – fair’s fair. PS Great work Det. McCarthy – even though you’ve left my future small rv/ minivan-conversion camping… Read more »


You know Etsy Inc headquarters is in Brooklyn NY… so who do you thing is making all the housewives in America at home slaves now? No one should be selling on Etsy now.


That shomrim commercial sounded like a really bad 70’s police drama. Sounds like someone had childhood dreams of growing up to be Adam 12.


It’s so bad one could almost believe they don’t run Hollywood and have no experience to draw from.


I’d never heard of this division of kinky-haired subhumans, so thank you for presenting this! On a similar note, during vacations in NY so many years ago, I never once saw a jewish female. Do they keep those ogres chained in their basements?


(Woody Allen voice)
“Hello this is Shawwwmrim, how may we help you, fellow chosenite? Oy gevalt! That’s enough of the chintzy schmaltz outta you, sir! This is not a police mattah and it says so in chapter 1651 of the Tar’ghaaa (kike pronunciation) that you slip 3 shekels into your phone and proceed (stabbing noises)… Sir? Ah youz theah? Oy…
^ Seriously, they’d kvetch and “lawyer” their way through every call.


How often do they show up on the scene of these hoax/fake hate crimes and psyops/false flag events? My guess is every time.


Great show Sinny.


Excellent show, Sinead. I hadn’t heard of this sector of their tribe.


Brilliant show once again Sinead!
These people are so foreign, yet most don’t know their true ways, unless you’ve had the ‘privilege’ of working/living near them.
You and Kyle both win the male and female kike voice award. Always brings a smile to my face while perusing this large prison cell. Thank you both for your uncompromising perseverance.