Fired Up: What Is Happening in The Dominican Republic? (7-16-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about the suspicious deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic and other attacks on American’s in the DR.

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I used to have to sail into the DR when working on a ship, and believe me, you would not believe the security we had to use to keep the niggers from stowing on the ship. Crew had to rig large floodlights all along the ship on both sides, hire armed security guards to patrol the decks, and the niggers would still find ways to sneak onto the ship. Before leaving port crew had to search EVERY area of the ship to find stowaway niggers and believe me, they still somehow got on board. We could see local restaurants and bars from the deck of the ship, and all types of livestock wandered freely in and out of the buildings, no doors or windows. Like… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

I’m with you, Sinead. Why people spend their hard-earned money going to third world countries, is beyond me. I don’t even trust the hygiene standards of my own immigrant-staffed nation, let alone club dindu!

The locals live in abject poverty, and have been weaponized with the White slave trade myth. I would also imagine jewish supremacists own most of these resorts, so what better front for their fbi puppets to test assassination methods, on gullible Whites.

PS Thanks Sinead for getting another important message out there. Camp or lodge local, take your own food and drink, and spend your money helping White people, where possible.


Thank you, Sinead. I just think it’s very dangerous for Americans to travel right now because we are either hated or resented around the world. Most don’t know our wars are Israel’s wars, or that our economy is run by jews, as is our media, government, etc. In short, we are occupied (nothing you don’t already know). So the American people, mostly good, decent people are demonized. Passions run high, fueled by revenge, with a consequence of crime. We are thought of as rich north Americans with little understanding that there are many here who struggle and/or are homeless. I can’t prove the causes for or methods of these deaths you spoke of in Dominican Republic, but I know this tension exists and it might… Read more »


Selling sex: underage victims of sex tourists in the Dominican Republic | Unreported World
W5: Exposing child sex tourism in the Dominican Republic
Mike Malloy: “NORMALIZING PEDOPHILIA”? Rush Limbaugh should look in the mirror! (January 17, 2013)


Remember Rush Limbaugh being stopped at the airport there with Viagra? And then Senator Robert Menendez was converted to Neoconism there by his Jewish handler?


I Did Not Know That


We’ve been to many of these 🙂


So beautiful. Was just wondering… are gators a concern in the springs?


In the springs that I’ve been to they usually have a concrete barrier if it is near a lake but most of the time the gators stay towards the rivers and away from the springs. At Blue Springs they have a net that allows for the manatees to come through but not the gators. (I have no idea how it works) Here in FL people are so used to gators that they swim in the lakes still.



Thank you!


There are mens clubs in the Caribbean based on strange religions and rituals.á#Culture_and_practices Joey Diaz talks a little bit about this stuff. He talks about santeria there, there may be some cult activities in the dominican republic that are at the root of these crimes, then there is santeria. This stuff is very weird. Some of the rituals they do involve animal sacrifice, and animal sacrifice is just useless nonsense, animal sacrifice doesn’t achieve anything except bother animals. But verbal curses can have effects, the power of the spoken word. It’s weird power cults though that exist in the Caribbean. These might be ritual crimes.


I just saw this article on Yahoo News.
Costa Rica: Tainted alcohol death toll rises to 25; 59 people affected overall


Many of these tourists were bloated fatsoes in their 50’s. The DR has over 6 million tourists a year. Put enough people in one place and someone is going to die. Just like internment camps.


They all present the same symptoms and die in the same way? If you actually took the time to look at the images of the people that died, they’re not all “bloated and in their 50’s”.


Each case has to be judged on an individual basis. Your thought about pesticide spraying was very intriguing. Another thought is that guests use the mini bar bottles and fill them with whatever so they’re not charged, leaving it to the next random victim. Either way, travelling becomes dangerous once you enter the airport, then the plane, then landing in strange area immunocompromised due to the stress of travelling itself. From the reports most of those people are fatsoes in their 50’s, likely weak from crap diets. Remember, people only live on average about 27000 days. So if you put a lot of people anywhere, someone is going to die, and about 6 million tourists go to the DR every year. These dead tubsters would… Read more »