Fired Up: What’s the Truth About Turpentine? (6-4-19)

Sinead looks into some of the uses of turpentine, an often misunderstood essential oil, throughout history and today.

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A very informative show, thank you!


We live on the site of an old turpentine plantation and found rusted sap catchers and other equipment. A little like draining the blood of a tree, but no, I don’t think it harms it. Good to hear your perspective – I have that Diamond brand and might try the detox again sometime.

Jan Swinnen

Tony Pantalleresco has been interviewed many times by Deanna Spingola about this. He has some video’s too. I tried it during few months a few years ago. I mixed it with honey, don’t remember the exact proportion though. I wasn’t feeling well at that time, I tried it but didn’t notice any benefits. But indeed, when you mention to people you take that stuff for your health, they’re not very enthousiastic about it.


The way I understand the candida thing is that we all have some candida in us. This is because we have no way of feeling how much sugar is in our blood. Diabetics can have level so high they would faint (until then they don’t know they have a problem). Candida is there as a last resort to eat up the sugar. Obviously, this would be an emergency situation and should not be an periodic occurrence. The reason people have high blood sugar is not because they eat too much carbs but because they eat too much fat. Fat takes much longer to absorb from the blood stream and blocks the entry points to the body, and the sugar gets trapped. You will never even… Read more »


Good point!


Diamond G. Forest Products, Patterson, Ga “Georgia Pine Gum Spirits of Turpentine 100% Pure” (slash pine) supposed to be best going by what I’ve seen in the forums and so forth over the last few years. Brands otherwise tend not to disclose origin or undesirable cultivation methods e.g. use of paraquat and the like.

As ever, the poison is in the dose. Here’s an old medical report of misuse with an infant; the content acknowledges prudent use otherwise. Source: The Canadian Medical Association Journal, Nov. 1936

Here’s also a label: reverse image lookup failed so uploaded to
Spirit of Turpentine USP, Conger’s Drug Store, Marysville Ohio


I did the turpentine cleanse by Jennifer Daniels. I followed all the directions except didn’t do a series of enemas since I had recently removed all my mucoid plaque using the “So Easy” cleanse, so I didn’t think it was necessary to do enemas. Following her guidelines I had taken two doses during the first day. I consumed only Diamond brand Georgia turpentine. By the way Daniels doesn’t even recommend using Diamond turpentine from Georgia. She thinks turpentine from the hardware store made in China is safe to use! A few hours later I began feeling very sick which only escalated to the point I thought I was dying. This is not a joke. I was vomiting in nonstop convulsions having taken some activated charcoal… Read more »


Is there a reason that you decided to do the Turpentine cleanse even after you had removed all your mucoid plaque in a previous cleanse?


Yes, because the plaque cleanse is not a parasite cleanse even though some parasites may be removed due to their home between the colon walls and plaque being removed. I was experiencing frequent nausea for a few years and was trying everything to get better. As you probably know parasites harbor in various places in the body and a great many people have parasites from eating sushi etc. In 2010 I tried an herbal cleanse which worked well; I definitely felt the die off of parasites. I believe it’s probably good to do a parasite cleanse every few years. I bought a zapper so I just use that now.

Thank you for all your shows. I have learnt a lot from you. 🌞


What is a zapper? Also, what does parasites dying feel like? So you pass them?


A zapper emits a frequency safe for you however devastating to parasites. This is the one I bought. It’s made by a Canadian engineer who healed himself from cancer.

When I experienced the parasite die off while taking herbal pills I felt extremely nauseous, so much so I had to leave work and go home. This was in 2010 before I removed mucoid plaque so I’m assuming I passed the dead parasites through my stool. However perhaps some got stock in the plaque since I had a lot of it then. The parasite cleanse I used was from Markus Rothkranz. He nauseates me now however with his fake appearance etc.


Here is some info on the inventor of the zapper, Hulda Clark.

I have not tried this device myself. I did once try another electrical device years back called the biomodulator with no recognizable results. I was put off by the idea of using an electric device to heal. It felt very allopathic.

Markus Rothkranz looks really weird to me and has definitely had plastic surgery. And his jewess wife, Cara Brotman has had more work than him. There seems to be a number of raw fooders who are totally plastic.


I believe the zapper has helped me rid parasites because I felt better after I used it and stopped having episodes of nausea. Some may not feel comfortable using it and I completely understand this. My father stopped using the zapper because he felt it gave him an irregular heartbeat. So perhaps it’s not the best choice. As for Markus Rothkranz and his wife, yes I completely agree with you. They are completely plastic which I find repulsive. I wouldn’t buy anything from him again. There are several plastic raw fooders. I personally knew a public figure raw fooder who blatantly lied and is outrageously delusional. I left this crowd far, far behind me. They are void of racial consciousness and full of deluded liberalism.… Read more »


I have the Tennet’s biomodulator, and I feel it was a waste of money, I didn’t feel different after using it. I let it to my friend who had some neck pain after a car accident and he said the same


Indeed, I’ve seen the biomodulator actually move pain in someone’s body to another area and cause more pain. Jerry Tennant also sells a line of synthetic supplements and is a promoter of alkaline water.