Firestarter Radio: 5 Dimensional Russian Roulette (8-21-17)

Sinead discusses the Bolshevik agenda of jewish-controlled Russia, the NPR endorsement of Lana Lokteff, the role of women in the Alt Right, Ezra Levant’s ongoing scandals, and concludes with the herb of the w

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Ghost Man O\' War

I have a one year old grand daughter and if she’s Sinny like, I’ll be double pleased. Sinead has a full tank of fire that seems inexhaustible. Know you’re loved kid. My little peanut, little britches is her nickname. She’s adorrrrable. Soooooo incredible. Wow. In 15 more years she’ll be one of your protegettes, if that’s a word. It is now. Be happy, Sinny. It is contagious. You’re the source. This show was really great. No one wings it like mother eagle.


Our society is being closed down and that reality should be apparent now more than ever. Websites are being taken down, twitter accounts being shut down and funding for opposing viewpoints being subverted. At this point, anyone who has the means should be contemplating an exodus, as the cause is lost without a fight. People are still in their bubbles and until that changes, there isn’t going to be any change. The reason is that people who work are afraid of losing their careers because they are too far indebted for the foreseeable future. They need to work to sustain. As for your program, it is a source of inspiration and perseverance, there is no real choice, expose the scum or die. As I mentioned… Read more »


Lana has no idea she is being used by NPR to demonize white women as being “Trump supporting Nazi’s”. Or does she? Watching the video of Lana and Henrik explaining how they are Phoenixs arising out of the ashes, begging for money, and admitting they are good friends with Spencer, Kessler and Co. was nauseating. I thought her baby was maybe a doll..but then it moved after 20min, so I guess it’s a real baby..haha. Lana and that Wife with A Purpose retard are making a big deal in their message about “staying home with their children” while they send their men to fight fake wars in the streets. I’m pretty sure the world would be in a better place if women put the brakes… Read more »

Ghost Man O\' War

Tell Heiny and Lana to beg for money from the Phoenix. If he can rise from ashes, he’s surely can flip a few shekels their way. Their candles in the proportionate distance seemed to be on a little menorah behind the little tv or whatever it was in front. Who knowwwws? Their guests are circuit guests. See what I mean? They pass the same 20 or so little Habiru summer campers around like a bottle of wine at a drunken ritual of some sort. I know youth can pile up facts in todays lighting learning age of the interlink, but time only and work shows how this pile of “knowledge” can be utilized. Fast information makes you susceptible to curveballs. See, they teach their youth,… Read more »


Response would be good instead of downvotes..what exactly do you disagree with?

Drew Carter

Red Ice has been “dirty” since they started. Henrik does more censoring (refusing to have guests on) than Youtube! They are begging for $$ again, what else is new? Henrik and Lana have a history of doing “hit pieces” on members of the alternative media who they disagree with. If their site dies, it will be a benefit to the community at large.


I had the same thought about Lana’s baby, hehe. It reminded me of a John Wayne quote when he was being heckled by students when giving a lecture at a university in the 70’s and asked whether his hair was real. “oh yeah, he replied, it’s real, it’s not mine but it’s real!”

A Bible reader

A lot of twitter accounts (and other websites) have been shut down after Charlottesville. It was talked about on the news, a few online services are getting rid of all the nazis…


Speaking of children, I heard in Hungary and Poland there’s mandatory vaccination and parents who don’t let their newborn child to be vaccinated (with 10+ or so different shots) get sued and their child taken away by force to be forcibly vaccinated. I couldn’t confirm this in detail, but found this random site which basically says the same: “In Poland and Hungary there are very harsh mandatory vaccination laws with the provision to remove children from their parents if they refuse to vaccinate them.” I find this quite shocking, it sounds like something that would happen under soviet rule or something. (And it’s ahead of Western countries like France and Italy where they are starting introduce mandatory vaccination, or Germany, UK, Sweden where there’s… Read more »


Along with “son”, you often find man, ram and Christ in the hoax stories. A perfect example is the pathetic O.J. SimpSON murder trail. He allegedly killed Ron GoldMAN. The prosecutor MARcia Clark has the ram backwards. Her lackluster assistant was CHRISTopher Darden. Another very common hoax code is “el”, “ell” or “elo” for the jew satan god Elohim. In the trial the defense attorney was F. Lee Bailey who has the “el” backwards. The hoax code has been laid out perfectly by Jewrassic Liars. He is a Christ-tard, but other than that he’s pretty amazing. If you watch closely you will see these words popping up over and over in hoaxey stories on both the national and local levels.


I agree on the child not being hers. She touched it once, kind of stroked the baby’s head, no emotion in the movment. Either she hates the baby or it is not hers. Some babies sleep one anyone’s chest, I think it’s somebody else’s child they borrowed for the video.

Anthony Roberts

I also got strange vibes from that Henrik & Lana interview; and it wasn’t just the two candles in the background! Her body language was off with her newborn baby. She appeared to be leaning away, like she was reluctantly looking after next door’s child, when the real mom was back in hospital. Also, i know nothing about hair care, but: do women use dye when pregnant? On 27th Feb, she has a video of her speech at “Identitarian ideas IX,” showing 1″ of brown roots. 12 days later, 11th Apr show – ” Elora, Bre, Rebecca, femininity in the modern world,” she is back to fully dyed blonde. I assume she was 4-5 mths pregnant then – is that safe? But the real strange… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Sorry – 43 days later, to 11th Apr show.


The best way to blow a issue up or a person is to silence them. The oddest thing I saw was DStormer getting taken down and those rallying around them. I have long thought they are dealing with the CIA or some terror watch group. After watching other names go down then come back up It makes me wonder if that was a list of controlled op. Some of them I dont know tho so im not saying all of them are people i have wondered about in the past but many are. Then those who latched arms with Anglin…idk was odd.


Thanks for the shout out, sister! Have you seen my new video, Roe v. Trannies?


I was standing outside of work. I live in a decent size college town. One dumb nigger and another dumb ass African American clown were talkin dat jive to the young white girls passing by. I could just see the disgust but also their forced PC cringe. LOL! One of these utter vile shit on the ass of Barack Obamas lovers dick was dancing like a G and rappin out loud about his blunts bein da biggess. I had daydreams about kicking him into oncoming traffic. The mental illness of non-whites is so obvious it makes my mind hurt :/


Peekay Truth a Russian Jew? Say it isn’t so. I’ve not seen any Jew exposing fake terror acts. Or anyone from the fake-right.


Ukrainian jew.


The proof is contained in this video. It starts at about 33 mins in. (cohen-cidence I’m sure)

nancy wink

i love both of your work & efforts & send odin blessings your way… i think many whites (inc myself) are so frustrated that sometimes we fall for a controlled opposition in order to be able to act out some action re magic i refer to ‘mean magic’ as lower forms that isnt true, true magic happens within a vegan space.. Anyway rambling .. If your little family ever need a break your more than welcome in my home in melbourne australia & are welcome to broadcast from here.. please never give up ive always felt as national socialist but cant follow many of the lines that dont feel right especially as a pagan.. re family sometimes its better to cut off those that hurt… Read more »


It’s a pity. I first came across one of his videos exposing the Orlando terror production. I wonder what his game is. All the videos I’ve seen by him have been pretty good.